My blog room is starting to grow!

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    Both yesterday and today, Miska and I have had full days in the new salon, you can not imagine how long it takes to screw together furniture, pick up products, and from time to time clean away all the chaos you create while you work;)

    I forgot my computer mouse there today so I can not sit down and go through the pictures of the makeup I have done, it is so messy without a mouse. But I have moved all my makeup and my photo stuff to the new place now so I will work there every day from now on, so tomorrow I will go to Uppsala again and then you will get more makeup update!

    Instead, I thought I would offer some pictures from the day :)


    I have stated one thing, I and unassembled IKEA furniture do not really go together haha.


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    However, Miska is king at building furniture together, soon done with that piece!


    A little sneak peak from my blog room :) But I will try to make sure that the flashes can be behind the desk, so that I can take photos step by step make-up without having to go to the photo corner all the time. Would be so nice!

    And this is how flashy my two large windows in the blog room look from the outside:


    Skare va så skare;)

    In exactly one week, I have just returned home from the first "real" working day at Creative Makeup By Her, the premiere is next Friday and it will be so much fun !!

    But I got a shock yesterday, I must admit. The whole thing has felt so unreal for so long, I have worked alone in the apartment for two years and suddenly go from there to AB with employees and a room that is twice as big as most experienced salons. But that part I have thought about a lot and am quite used to that thought now, but what struck me yesterday when we started running in my makeup stuff and my stock was rather that I will stop work at home.

    Now the make-up mirror is gone, the make-up office is almost completely empty, my photo stuff that took up half the living room / bedroom is no longer in the way and I will no longer be able to work in panties and an ugly old linen haha. I will fully enjoy the fact that the apartment will only be a home, and that I have the best job in the world to go to, but I feel a little lost and kind of, shocked, that this is really happening now :)

    Well, a little evening chatter like that on a Friday. Now I'm going to bed, we'll hear from you tomorrow ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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