Valentine's day make-up

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    Soon it's Valentine's Day, I think it's so cozy! Especially that it's a Saturday so you can come up with something too :) Are you going to do something special?

    Today I have therefore made a Valentine's day-inspired make-up for you! What I love about Valentine's Day make-up / romantic make-up / date make-up, you get the point, is to analyze a lot about the situation :)

    Details I like in such a make-up are therefore:
    * Flirty eyelashes with a nice length
    * Natural but "spotless" base with nice luster and rosy cheeks
    * A bright eye makeup that lifts and highlights the look
    * Bright lips and nails with a discreet color
    * And the most important point - A color click somewhere on the top of the eye that is most visible when blinking

    Together, this becomes a make-up that highlights your fine features without changing, so you are still yourself but still "a little extra". And in addition, the eyes become very interesting to look at when there is a glimpse of a discreet color click when you blink. Wonderfully!


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    Here is my interpretation of this! Fint va?

    Also offers a step-by-step description:

    valentine's day makeup

    1. Light pink eye shadow on the eyelid.
    2. Brown eye shadow at the end of the lower lash line, at the end of the eyelid and along the globe line.
    3. Fade the edges.
    4. Black eyeliner with wing.
    White eye shadow in the corner of the eye and under the brow.
    5. Green eyeliner thin above the black, and finish with volumemascara on the lashes!

    And you know what? I have completely used makeup that I have received from Oriflame to do this makeup, and for the sake of simplicity have photographed everything I have used! :)

    You will find all the products I have used here!


    This base gives a comprehensive result that lasts a long time and thanks to these "blushing pearls" the skin gets a super nice glow and color! I have not only used it on the cheeks but a little on the forehead and chin as well.

    Foundation - The ONE EverLasting Foundation (Natural Beige)
    Concealer - Giordani Gold Age Defying Concealer (Ivory Beige)
    Powder - The ONE Illuskin Powder (Light)
    Rouge / lyster - Giordani Gold Baroque Blushing Pearls


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    The eyeshadows I have used are Pure Color Mono Eye Shadow in the shades Shimmering white, Pink shimmer and Earthy brown!


    And to get that little extra too, I have finished with these products:

    Black eyeliner - The ONE Eye Liner Stylo
    Green eyeliner - Very Me Clickit Eyeliner (Green)
    Mascara - The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara - Black
    Lip-gloss - The ONE Power Shine Lip Gloss (Soft Coral)
    Nail polish - The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish (Ballerina Rose)

    And as I said, click here then I have a page on Oriflame with all the products I have used in the make-up, so you can buy the whole look! :)

    I now realized that I managed to choose images where the eyelashes are not so visible, because I focused on angles where the eyeliner is visible, but I can say that the mascara gives a lot of length and volume! It's Oriflame's new Eyes Wide Open mascara! Will show it in a separate post soon, it is great for you who like a lot of lashes :)



    Do not forget that the most important thing is that you should feel look good, choose colors and make-up details that you yourself enjoy and do not forget a big smile :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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