Amika Un.Done Texture Spray

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    When I am completely freshly showered with Sanctum's shampoo and conditioner + hair oil after that, I really have baby smooth and super soft hair when it has dried, I love it!

    The only problem is that when the whole hair is so soft, they are not particularly nice either in the scalp or the fringe that is a little shorter than the rest of the hair. The hair is completely flat on the head, and because it is so airy and light, the fringe hangs either in front of the eyes or I have to have it behind the ears. Both hard and becomes a very boring hairstyle!

    And even though I love dry shampoo, I do not want so much of it right after the shower, preferably not at all, because because I have quite sensitive scalp that starts itching from dry shampoo after a few days (I wash my hair about 4-5 days apart) so I want to keep it clean as long as possible so that it can air a little.

    Then is Amika Texture Spray great! I got home some Amika products a while ago and this spray is actually the only one of their products that I have fallen for 100%!

    This is how the spray is described on
    “A fantastic texture spray that adds extreme volume to your hair! Its invisible, dry formula contains Zeolite, a natural mineral, for a totally glamorous haircut. Your hair feels full with a wild and matte finish! ”

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    First of all, the product is super good but no extreme volume I do not think it gives. But the rest I can probably agree with :)

    I spray on the hair on the scalp (not directly on the scalp as with dry shampoo but try to get it to end up mainly on the strands) and a little in front of the bangs, and leave the long lengths that I still want so baby soft.

    The spray is transparent and the hair is still airy and feels neither rough nor unwashed, but it gets more firmness and is much easier to handle! I get a little more volume in the scalp, and above all I manage to get the fringe to lie nicely on the side without having to have it behind the ears or in a hair clip!

    I can really recommend the spray to you who have fine / thin hair! Perfect when you want a carelessly fixed hairstyle or just freely released without looking like a licked cat :)

    I can also imagine that it is good for you with shorter bangs who have a hard time getting it to lie well when you are freshly showered!

    Amika Un.Done Texture Spray costs SEK 229 and is available e.g. HERE!

    Hope you get a good start to the week!

    Another woke up at 5 o'clock when Miska was boiling eggs and half an hour later I was sitting at the kitchen table and was served breakfast without having to lift a finger. I call it good Monday morning! :) ♥

    Hug hug!

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