Anastasia Duo Brush Large #12

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    Anastasia Beverly Hills sells, as you know, eyebrow products that are crazy good and popular all over the world, and now I have tested one of Anastasia's eyebrow brushes!

    IMG_1264_111Anastasia Duo Brush Large #12 is an oblique, flat and compact brush on one side, and a spiral brush on the other side.

    The slanted brush is super good, really wonderful to work with! It is small and light in the hand, makes it easy to paint straight and even lines and you can also paint as small straws because it has really precision. At the same time, it works well for more diffuse lines as well. The brush on the other end works great both for brushing the straws so that they lie nicely, but also for easily fading out any edges.

    The slanted brush is also great for eyeliner :)

    I give the product two big thumbs up, but at the same time there are a lot of cheaper eyebrow brushes that are good too, so if it's worth the money I do not really know. The cheapest I find is that it is available HERE which ships to Sweden, where the brush costs about SEK 138 but I do not know what the shipping ends up. But on HERE it costs a whole 245 kronor, which is incredibly juicy, there are cheap eyebrow brushes that also give a great result.

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    But in terms of quality and how long it lasts, I absolutely believe that you get what you pay for, so you want to treat yourself to a little luxury (or gift for someone) so absolutely :) I could actually put that money to the favorite eyeshadow brush should last for several years, but when it comes to eyebrow brushes, there are, as I said, a lot of cheap alternatives that are great as well.

    anastasia eyebrow brush

    In other words - thumbs up for the brush and thumbs down for the price!


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