The best hand cream from Aesop!

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    Resurrection Aromatic Hand Balm from the luxury brand Aesop is the best hand cream I have tested, truly wonderful!

    The most important thing in a hand cream is in my opinion that it should go quickly into the skin, you should be able to lubricate yourself at any time during the day without having to work with sticky hands. Aesop Hand Balm really has that property, the first time I tested it I had washed makeup brushes with detergent and water for almost an hour and got very dry and chapped hands after that. Then I put a pretty thick layer (so that I was white from the cream on my hands) and it sank completely into the skin in just a few minutes!

    The hands become extremely soft and smooth, and the cream smells super good too! I love it! :)

    You can also use it on feet and other dry small places.

    The only negative is the packaging, as usual with luxury creams, they come in a jar. Neither practical nor hygienic in my opinion, but it actually sells better due to the feeling of luxury so it is not surprising that companies actually use cans. But I like to have a hand cream with me in my handbag, but then you can not bear to use a spatula on the side of which is lying and smearing, and you should not dip fingers in the jar either.

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    But the wonderful contents and my baby-soft hands outweigh the negative jar, so it still gets 5 stars from me and I actually intend to fix an empty pump bottle that I can fill and carry with me in my handbag :)

    The hand cream costs SEK 279 and is available for purchase HERE!


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