Before applying eye shadow

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    Malicka sa…
    I use ID mineral foundation. Should I apply my primer on top of foundation around the eyes?


    Now I will describe exactly how it is and what you should think about before you put the eye shadow! :)

    Many people do not think that the eyelids are one of the most oily places on the face. Eyelids become as oily and oily as the T-zone (forehead nose)

    Step 1. Wipe eyelids with makeup remover (which is for the eyes) with a cotton ball.
    Do not apply lotion on the eyelids. A primer is sufficiently moisturizing, especially if you have a liquid foundation underneath.

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    step 2. Apply your foundation all over your face and on the eyelids, also if you will cover the lid with eye shadow. The eyelids have many small blood vessels that give a light blue-red hue, even though you do not always think about it yourself. This can affect the true color of the eye shadow!

    Step 3. Apply primer around the eye, preferably only up to the eyebrow and on the lower lash line, so that you do not miss anywhere and risk getting spotted eye shadow at the outer edges.

    Then it's time to apply eye shadow!

    However, I can admit that I usually skip "step 1And just pull a little lightly with your finger to get rid of the excess oil. Ooops;)


    Hope you understood!

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    Helena Amiley
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