Benefit Dew the Hoola

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    In my post ”Make up the winter!”So I had founded with a product that I only mentioned in passing, but now I thought I would give you a real review of it!

    Benefit Dew the Hoola is the product I am talking about - a bronzer gel or "one-day-tan without sun" for the face that makes the skin tan for the day. I got it in the goodebag at a press event with Sephora, there is a similar gel for the body as well that I got to test at the event, and the little I could judge then (had on one arm) was that I can really recommend it as well: )


    "Benefit Dew the Hoola Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer for face" is thus a brown gel that comes in the world's sweetest packaging (!) And is there to get more color in the face.

    It gives tan without sun effect and makes your skin browner, but does not react with your dead skin cells as regular tan without sun does, but is more like a make-up product and is easily washed off in the evening.

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    Good either as a complement to Hoola Zero Tanlines (the same kind of product but for the body), but also to buy alone if you are so dressed in the winter now that it is enough to wear on the face and neck without it looking crunchy then the rest of the body is covered with clothes.

    "Can't you just have a too dark foundation?" you might think, but this does not smudge on the clothes, is easier to apply, and can be used even if you want to look completely unmade up as it does not provide any coverage at all. So it is not the same as a too dark foundation :)



    The bronzer gel comes in a practical pump bottle, which is easy to apply on the face and down the neck - just take a click and apply as a regular day cream!

    Hoola Zero Tanlines, which are for the body, have a sponge in them that you rub the cream into the skin with, which makes it easier to get an even color on large areas. But in smaller areas, it works great to lubricate with just your hands.


    Here you see before and after and I have smeared both face, neck, décolleté and the upper part of the arms. But if you use it often, you should get it for the body if you want to lubricate more than the face and neck, it felt like I use an unnecessarily large part of the small bottle for just one day :)

    I think it is very easy to apply, it dries in quite quickly, which means that you have to be quite fast to get it even, but if it had dried slowly, it would probably have felt hard when you want to get dressed right away so I still think it is very positive.

    The color becomes even and the shade becomes very nice and natural! I thought immediately afterwards that I might. maybe it looked a little orange-brown, but when it went into the skin properly, it looked really nice after just a few minutes.

    The skin becomes silky smooth and beautiful! Not at all sticky, shiny, greasy, dry or anything like that. But just smooth and fresh!

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    It smells summery and good, a little tropical.

    I'm really happy with this one, and would love it for the body too! Perfect in the spring when you want to be able to go with bare legs and light outfits without feeling pale and dull. Maybe hard to have to use every day, but perfect on those days you want to be a little extra fresh or if you are going to a party and do not want to risk tanning without sun accidents.

    I asked Jeanette and Sandra in the store if they saw any difference in me, Jeanette immediately saw that I looked brown but Sandra guessed at the wrong things - which means that the result is very natural :)

    The color stays nice all day, and when you wash your face, it disappears completely. It does not smudge on the clothes either, although I wore it to a white sweater with a polo collar :)

    IMG_1068_111Thumbs up I say!

    I'm a little unsure of what it costs at Sephora to be honest, but it costs £ 22.50 at, but will not be launched until March 12th.

    Hugs are ♥

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