Black eyeliner in the waterline

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    Black eyeliner along the waterline is really nice and gives an intense suction in the eyes.

    But a common "myth" is that black eyeliner along the waterline reduces the eyes. However, I can not call it a myth at all, because it is a little true, but there is a trick you can supplement with and then the eyes even look bigger!

    In the picture to the left, I have only placed the eyeliner along the waterline, but if you (as I have done in the right picture) also fill in along the fringe edge and like to tone out the line a bit, then you "pull down" the eye a bit which makes the eyes see bigger out!

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    Hope you had a nice weekend and get a good end to the week this Sunday night ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hello

      I must first of all admit that I am dependent on your blog, you are so energetic, generous with advice, give good tips and you take advantage of every post you write, wish you continue with all this

      I have a question and will be so grateful if you help me, I want to buy a brush set for a sensitive face, the cost can be up to SEK 1200, but I do not know which brand is best I find a lot here on

      please can you tips advise, thanks in advance


      • Thank you very much for your kind words, it makes me super happy <3

        Unfortunately, I have not tested any of the sets at all of those on, except for the big red with 28 parts and I did not think it was super good. However, I did not buy it from Eleven but it looks to be exactly the same. But before I answer your question, I would need to know if you want a set of brushes for just the face, or if you are looking for brushes for the eyes as well? :) Hugs!

    2. HEY!
      Now I have finally started a new blog on I hope that both new readers and you who have followed my old blogs will find me.
      Tipsandstuff blog is as it sounds, lots of great tips and tricks but also about my everyday life!

      Hope to see you!

      • Glad you like it :) Yes in fact, the only eyeliner that works gallantly along the waterline on me (I have very sensitive eyes that tear easily) is the Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner that is available at Have posted a before and after picture of what the make-up looked like after 10 hours, and there you can see how black the eyeliner is still :)

        However, it is not the one I have in this post, here I have a pen from dr. hauschka but do not think the durability was good enough on it actually. But it was nice right after application!

        Another tip if you, like me, have quite wet eyes, is to gently make the waterline dry with a top before applying the pen + apply two coats. So wait a few minutes and then apply another layer. If you pull the pen several times directly, you rarely get more product on the waterline for it, but after a while the first layer has fixed itself and then it works as a good basis for layer no. 2 :) Hugs!

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