Good volume mascara - Oriflame Eyes Wide Open

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    Oriflame has just two days ago launched a brand new mascara in The ONE series - Oriflame The ONE Eyes Wide Open Mascara!

    It is a volume mascara that gets two thumbs up from me, I can really recommend it to you who like volume!

    The first time I tested it, it took a little pill with a clean mascara brush afterwards to get separated lashes as well. My lashes are very easy to mess up if it gets too much at once, and as you can see, there is a lot of mascara on top of the brush!

    But now I have gotten the cut on it and get great results, and I also experience that after just a few uses, there is a little less mascara on top of the brush, which makes it all much easier :)

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    I had time to paint eyeliner on one eye before I decided to show you the mascara. In other words, I have eyeliner on the unmasked eye but only mascara on the other!

    Nice huh? :)

    I think the durability is very good as well, and do not feel that it crumbles or smears when I get oily during the day.

    The mascara is available for purchase HERE and currently costs only SEK 99 instead of words. price SEK 159!

    Hug ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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