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    Yesterday I worked on a film with a Film Noir theme in Uppsala all day, super fun to get away on such assignments sometimes too! Especially when the hairdresser Monica Werner stands for her hair, it's always so fun to work with her! :)

    It usually takes a whole day to do a shoot, it's not strange, but I still have to say that this was the longest shoot I've been on haha, at least to be just a model in the same environment.

    The thing that took the most time was that it was not a regular photo shoot, but the photographer used an old camera where the pictures are to be fixed in a dark room! So it was very test shooting with system camera before, and then there were ten pictures per roll and I think we used 3 rolls in total. So it was very fixed and directive before pressing the camera button haha.

    Thought to offer some pictures from the day, it is a bit mixed from both my camera and mobile (the camera died) and Monica's mobile pictures that she posted on Instagram :)


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    Here is the talented Monica and puts her hair on the model who would get nice waves in the fringe and curly lengths!

    And that was also one of the reasons why the styling dragged on, Tekla (the model) was dark brown before and had just bleached the whole hair which was very worn, fresh and electric. I think Monica had in a whole bottle of hair spray before she was done haha :)


    And while my hair was in the climate zone, I removed Tekla's sleeve tattoo! It was completely new and the oldest parts were made in December, so it was not blurry right away :) In the picture you can see the tattoos after a layer of Dermablend!

    I also have a nice working position haha, would just test the foundation shade, I did not stand like that all the time :)


    Then it was makeup time! In this picture you see that the model has very small lips, and I write that just so you can observe the nice (and full) umbrella lip I got in the last picture in the post :)

    I painted one a lot outside her own contours, and she said herself that she has never worked with a makeup artist who has so quickly made such a nice lip haha. It was fun to hear!


    Here we are on site and Monica checks that her hair looks good when Tekla is in the photo light!

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    And when we had taken the last pictures, Monica redid the hairstyle a bit! Here she was not ready yet but I sneaked a picture of the makeup a little fast in between :) The shooting was in black and white and then the lips looked really nice in the picture!

    Definitely a different photography, but instructive, and I'm super curious to see the pictures now! In normal cases, you have seen the result on the camera screen and at best also a computer, but now none of us have a clue about the end result.

    Today I am more alert than I thought so it's nice, and will now grab my fun to-do list! :)

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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