Good cheap dry shampoo and how I use it

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    Found a good cheap dry shampoo at ICA! I have used Hårologis dry shampoo for 3 years which has a mild scent, but a few months ago the last bottle ran out and then I decided to buy completely perfume-free dry shampoo from now on.

    Partly because I have a friend who had problems with the airways and therefore became very sensitive to perfume. I can absolutely ignore perfume (rarely use it anyway) but without dry shampoo I can not do haha.

    But also because I have such incredibly oily hair and need to use such a large amount of dry shampoo, then there will be so much fragrance. If you are someone who just sprays a little, it's probably nice to have a little fresh scent on the purchase, but I'm just looking for the result - I want to skip the scents completely! :)

    Tips on good cheap dry shampoo!

    I urgently needed a dry shampoo and checked the beauty shelf when we bought food at ICA Maxi and the only brand that had a perfume-free alternative was ICA's own brand.

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    It cost 30 kroner and my expectations were not high, but I thought that if I am not satisfied, I was not ruined either.

    You often get what you pay for - but sometimes you get surprised! I have tried many more expensive dry shampoos that have been worse, so for 30 kroner I am absolutely impressed!

    When it comes to products you rarely buy, I like to spend an extra penny to get good quality and a good product that lasts a long time. The icing on the cake is making everyday life a lot easier, especially when we talk about base make-up!

    But when it comes to products that you consume a lot of (as I do with dry shampoo) then it is incredibly nice when you find good cheap dry shampoo! :)

    good cheap dry shampoo

    How do I use dry shampoo?

    The spray pressure is good! It is also enough with powder in relation to the amount of liquid, which means that I do not have to spray too much. Some dry shampoos are bubbly (a lot of liquid and a little powder) and then I have to spray so much to get an effect, but I do not need that with this :)

    It will be a big cloud all around right afterwards anyway, so you can feel a little hostile (for me who has such a small bathroom) even though it is fragrance-free.

    Good cheap dry shampoo and how I use it

    I am definitely a top user of dry shampoo, I pour on until it turns white! But then I am careful to massage in the dry shampoo so that I stop looking white-haired :)

    dry shampoo before and after

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    The result is hair that looks clean and has the right volume. Some dry shampoos give a lot of volume and structure, but this is not one of them.

    And as you can see, it is very effective even if the hair has become really frizzy!

    Actually, I usually spray in immediately after washing hair (and that the hair has dried, of course) for preventive purposes and then improve regularly during the week. I wash my hair once a week. But in these pictures I had been ill and had tassels for about a week so then the hair had become very dirty :)


    You also do not get a rough feeling in the scalp - it is more common among volumizing dry shampoos. You can pull your fingers through your hair just as usual! :) Whether this is good or bad is a matter of taste.


    I improve every other / every third day a bit depending on what hairstyle I should have, which is really good durability for being as oily on the scalp as I am!

    Price vs content

    When comparing the price of products, you should not only look at the total amount but at the amount of content - you often forget that. It does not matter how cheap a mascara is if it contains 5ml compared to a slightly more expensive one that contains 12ml :)

    But this one contains 200 ml which is like most other brands, so no wonder there!

    Summary of good cheap dry shampoo:

    The review can easily be summarized with the fact that I ran out of 4 bottles during the autumn / winter and will continue to buy this one. Becoming a regular customer of a product is, after all, the best review, right? I thought of trying a volumizing spray as a complement, however, but if you are priming with dry shampoo, you probably need very little volume spray to get an effect!

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    But anyway, I think this one meets all my important requirements for a dry shampoo, effective, fragrance-free and easy to use.

    dry shampoo that works well

    But if any of you have tips on a good perfume-free dry shampoo that is not a regular spray, you are welcome to shout! I used to use Blowpro Faux Dry Shampoo but it has expired and I still miss it. So nice to avoid spray completely, at the same time as the application was like a spray because you pressed in the middle of the bottle, it became like a spray puff.

    If you test this, feel free to write what you thought, it is always interesting :)

    Hugs are!

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