Contouring the eyes! (6 step tutorial)

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    Now you will get my best, best everyday tips! Contouring the eyes! :)

    When I hold make-up consultations, there are two make-up tips that customers love, you know those little details that make a big difference and can be used in everyday life!

    One is "since old" to make lashliner / fringe marking. In this post (link) you can see how I make lashliner in a video. In this post (link) I show lashliner with pictures.

    The second tip is a thing I started doing on myself in connection with my contouring and quickly realized how smart it is.

    Contouring on the eyes !!

    Here you see before and after:

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    Do you see what a difference it is in the eyes? The amazing thing is that it goes SO fast!

    Why is it smooth?

    In everyday life, many people apply base, lips and mascara because it goes quickly, but skip eye shadows because it requires more time and precision. But if you want to emphasize the eyes and look more alert, you can in the same step as the contouring of the face wrap a little around the eyes as well!

    What do you need:

    1. A light and a dark shade, carpet. I use Paese Contouring Palette (No. 2)
    2. A soft brush that is the right size. One that is too big does not give precision and one that is too small means that it does not go as fast, the point is that it should be possible to just "swipe on" quickly. I use Nanshy Crease Brush which is in synthetic hair.

    If you do not do contouring in the face (and therefore do not have / need such a palette) then maybe you still have a bronzer and a light matte eye shadow at home? It also works well :) For example, I sometimes use the light eye shadow Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (667) as a matte highlighter.

    What is so good about contouring products is that they are not quite as pigment-rich as an eye shadow because they are there to create soft shadows on the face. Because as soon as you use a very pigmented product (such as eye shadows), more precision and technology is required to get it nice. And you want to make it easy for yourself :)


    I have photographed exactly how I do this so that you can see clearly! :)

    I start with the light matte eye shadow.

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    1. Dab a quick dab in the center of the eyelid. Not up in the globe line and not out on the edges, only in the middle.

    This makes the eyelid "pop" and you immediately look more alert already after this step. There seems to be little 3D effect.

    2. Dab a quick dab in the corner of the eye.

    Partly to look fitter but also because many have a darker depth right there, which easily looks dark when there is shadow on the eyes.

    Swipe on the brow pin, ie below the highest point of the brow and outwards.

    Not everyone has as much space between the crease line and the brow as I have, then you can take a smaller brush and apply narrower so that you do not light up the crease line at the same time.

    4. Brighten up under the eyes! Swipe with the brush right into the "depth" that (most of us) has under the eye.

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    I always do this, even if I do an eyeshadow make-up.

    Many people do not need to use concealer under the eyes because not everyone has darker skin under the eyes. A concealer covers and many have an even skin tone already, but that there is a small depth there that looks darker because there is shade from the light. Does it suit you? Then it is enough to lighten up, you do not have to bother with cream concealer and setting powder.

    You can also lighten up with a lighter concealer if you have one. I usually say this to my customers if they ask which is best: If you still use contouring on the face, it is easiest to lighten up under the eyes at the same time - so you do not need more products and steps in the makeup routine. And vice versa: if you still use concealer on the face, it is easiest to lighten under the eyes at the same time - so you do not need more products and steps in the makeup routine. If you use both concealer and contouring, you can choose what you prefer, it is 100% flavor, both work :)

    But sweeping quickly with a brush with a little light powder on is in any case much faster than using a cream product that you (usually) need to fix with powder.

    Then it's time for the dark shadow!

    You can skip the dark if you are already happy. Because because you have not brightened up around the whole eye (but at selected points), there is already a bit of a 3D effect where your natural skin tone becomes like a shadow in itself.

    But I usually add a little dark for extra effect. It goes fast because there is so little pigment in the powder, not at all as if you use a dark brown eye shadow.

    5. Swipe quickly over the globe line, no precision but I just draw 1-2 strokes with the brush.

    I look straight into the mirror and apply just over the globe line, so that the dark shadow does not end up inside the skin fold when you look. The point is that it should be light on the eyelid, dark above and then light under the brow as well.

    6. And in the outer edge under the eye too!

    A close-up of the eyes so you can see the difference clearly! I forgot to take photos before mascara, but added such a neat layer so you can clearly see the contouring anyway.

    Done! :)

    Many people are afraid of having dry powder around their eyes, but the light shade in this palette is a very soft formula so I never experience (neither on myself nor customers) that it looks dry.

    Hope you found the post helpful! ♥


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