Dark brown party makeup

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Now I'm back at school again, started a bit with math tests! Fy thousand I just say…
Feels a little feverish too, but really does not want to get sick now that I have started training so I keep going anyway! It is positive thoughts and sleep best medicine :)
Today's make - up was a reasonably dark party make - up that suits most people and is easy to do!
Brownish eyeshadow on the entire eyelid (only up to the eyelid line) and the lower lash line, Mineral eyeshadow Isadora.
Black eye shadow along the eyeball line and the outer part of the lower lash line, Isadora.
 The black eye shadow is applied to the brown one, so it turns dark brown there, not black. If you do not want it :)
Lipstick from the lipstick palette.
Now I will tear myself up and invite my dear friends for evening coffee!
Nico and I are going to give the iron in the kitchen!
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