Dark romance & Bohemian Rose

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    In the IsaDora kit Rock and Romance that I wrote about this morning so I showed, among other things, the lipstick "177 Dark Romance" and the nail polish "518 Bohemian Rose" and I tested them together immediately :)

    Here you see how nice they got together:


    The first impression of the lipstick is that it got a little unevenly dark for some reason, do not know what it was due to but will test again and see if it will be the same. Otherwise, I like both colors very much!

    The lipstick is called Dark Romance, and looks very dark in the sleeve. There is an equally dark nail polish that is also called Dark Romance, but I think that the lipstick becomes so much lighter after application that it resembles the nail polish Bohemian Rose more actually. Even though the lipstick goes pink while the nails are red, nice contrast I think! What do you think? :)

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