Depend Gellack is prohibited

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    Do you remember my post that many have had allergic reactions from Depends Gellack?

    The Medical Products Agency has now banned the sale of Depends Gellack due to all reports! If I have understood it correctly, it is acrylates in nail building products that in uncured form can cause allergic reactions if they come in contact with the skin. So that is why some have reacted to the product, by e.g. smear with the varnish on the cuticles.

    You can be allergic to everything, even natural substances, so you should always be careful and this especially applies to such chemicals. But even if you are careful, it is easy to slip and smudge on the side of the nail, e.g. if you are right-handed and paint with your left hand. So I still think it's good that the gel polish is banned, because hopefully Depend will have to redo the formula to get a much better and safer product! They should do that anyway, do you understand what a big seller this has been for them?

    I have used the nail polish myself and am very happy, and my sister is crying blood right now because she has been using this constantly for more than a year. So a new safer product, I definitely keep my fingers crossed for :)

    A little funny thing happened yesterday in connection with this, I was called by Aftonbladet for an interview about Depends Gellack in their web TV :) Do not think that so many people sit and watch their live broadcasts directly but still a little fun haha. You can hear me answer a few questions if you flush exactly 10 minutes:

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    click here to see the clip on!

    They called and asked if I wanted to join, I said yes and thought that maybe it's kind of tomorrow, and then she says "well then you go live in 10 minutes" haha. I was completely unprepared and have a bit of a hard time getting the words out at first, but then I got into it pretty well :)

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
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    1. I bought gel polish from amberbird, amberlaque that you wrote about a long time ago. Maybe that applies to them then too? Maybe best to stop with that brand too? Hug.

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