Dr. Brandt CC Glow

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    In the summer, it is really nice with a good BB or CC cream, which in short is less opaque than a foundation but more opaque than a colored day cream. It is lubricated like a regular lotion, but it contains color that evens out the skin tone, and often contains caring ingredients and spf.

    The other day I wrote about one day cream with spf 30 for the face that works well even on oily skin, and now I therefore thought to recommend a CC-Cream with spf 30 that evens out the skin tone and that goes well with oily skin!

    dr brandt cc cream

    I just dyed my eyebrows and it settled quite a lot on the skin right after, that's why they are so dark if you are wondering :)

    The cream that I recommend to you is dr. brandt CC Glow which is a CC-Cream that should provide light coverage, a lot of radiance, an illuminating effect on the skin (eg on pigment spots) and contains sun protection factor 30.

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    It suits all skin types, it says in the description, and I who am very oily can say that there are few similar products that should "suit all skin types" that actually go well with oily skin, but this one does!

    dr brandt cc cream

    Application / Results / Sustainability
    ♥ The formula is thin and both simple and comfortable to lubricate the skin with. It becomes even and nice immediately.
    ♥ The coverage is just right, it does not cover completely so it becomes very natural and fine, and the natural skin shines through. It removes red areas and makes blemishes appear a little smaller. The skin tone looks even and nice but at the same time unmade up! And you get a discreet and nice luster.
    ♥ It penetrates quickly into the skin and becomes dull, does not feel at all. I had depressing powder on top and then it stayed dull for a very long time!
    ♥ I who want a little more coverage have tried to dab on mineral foundation on top of this where I think it is needed, and it will be super good. So it's good if you have a pimple or something that you want to cover a little extra, or if you want a light coverage during the day and then a little more before the evening - then you can just dab on a little mineral foundation on top.

    ♥ Spf 30 is very good, the higher the better but many similar products are on spf 15-20 so 30 feels absolutely great.
    ♥ The cream contains vitamin C which brightens up pigment spots.
    ♥ Also contains microrubin crystals that give the skin a nice glow, and I think you get that, glow without looking shiny or shimmery, very natural!

    x The only negative, and which unfortunately will probably be a dealbreaker for many, is that it is only available in a shade "light to medium" and even though it blends well into the skin and adapts to the skin tone relatively well, it will be too dark on many. It suits me now because I have tan without sun, but before that it was too dark.

    It looks very dark immediately upon application, but after a short while becomes more like the skin tone. But for people with fair skin (much like me before mischief and lighter) you will probably not be able to use this.

    ♥ Recommended price SEK 395 for 30 grams, and that will probably last a very long time because you do not need much. And now it's also Sale on it HERE, where it currently only costs SEK 277! :)

    dr brandt cc cream


    This is what the shade looks like compared to my hand (before I had tan without sun) and as you can see it is not super dark, but nothing for very light skin either.

    dr brandt cc glow

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    But as you can see, it becomes very natural and nice! I have no powder left over here, I put it on later :)

    Two thumbs up!

    Any of you who have tested this?


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