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    I received a cozy Christmas package at Posten the other day with Elizabeth Arden's news Always Red - a perfume that is a tribute to New York with the message "light up the town" where you bravely live out your dreams and define your own rules!

    Look so nice:


    You feel so well taken care of as a blogger sometimes, who is surprised with such nice deliveries ♥


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    “The scent is a mixture of blood orange, lush red plums and passion fruit. The heart of the fragrance is an interwoven core of jasmine sambac, pink freesia and rose petals that evokes an intense femininity and passion. The scent is rounded off with a rich base of bristles. ”

    Top notes - Blood orange, red plums, passion fruit
    Heart notes - Jasminum sambac, rose petals, pink freesior
    Base notes - Pralines, reddish-yellow amber, mahogany

    Always Red is an Eau de Toilette spray that is available on, among other things HERE and costs:
    30 ml – 395:-
    50 ml – 595:-
    100 ml – 795:-

    The fragrance is also available in body lotion which costs SEK 295.


    I put on a pafrym spray right away and the first thing I exclaimed was “Oh it feels like I'm going to a party!", It feels very festive :) And it also strongly resembles any other perfume I smelled but can not put my finger on it, it reminds a bit of how my sister used to smell before, and I also have a regular customer on eyebrow plucking as always smells good and she smells almost exactly like this :)

    The scent is quite heavy, which I like. Either I want a really healthy and fresh perfume, or a slightly heavier one. This one is heavy but still in the fruity direction, very good! I get a little hungry to go out and dance when I wear it, it feels like a festive evening perfume.

    The only thing that is important to know is that it is very strong. I only sprayed once and after 2 minutes my mother said "yes oh how strong it smells" and she was sitting in a completely different room where I had not even been haha. But at the same time it is very durable and smells long, I sprayed in the evening and the next morning I still felt that I smelled of the perfume, and it was about 12 hours later.

    I rarely smell a lot of perfume and do not use it every day, so I think about pouring a little into a small bottle that has such a small stick in it instead of spraying. So you can just dab a little behind the ears and on the wrists when you go out some evening. Then it will last forever as well :) Because I like the scent extremely much, but I do not really like it when it becomes very noticeable.


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    Summary - A really good perfume that makes me want to party! However, very, very strong, so nothing for you who like mild scents, and feel free to skimp when you spray, for the sake of your surroundings as well.

    Otherwise it gets two thumbs up, for both scent and durability :)


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    1. Hey! That other EA perfume, it is also very "strong" so I spray very lightly in the air and then I wave my wrists there in feverish: D It is excellent enough and it smells for several hours and you feel luxurious <3

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