Eyebrow tattoo after healing

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    I know it's popular when I write about permanent makeup, and now I have started to help Creative Make Up a little with her pictures as Annika would rather have time for another customer than sit and paste with a thousand before and after pictures, so now when I have access to all the pictures, I can not help but show you her job a little now and then, hope it is appreciated? :)

    Most pictures are only taken before and immediately after treatment, because when the tattoo has healed and the end result is good, the customer will not return. But I have bothered Annika a bit about pictures after healing as well, so now that a customer came for a return visit where it was only necessary to fill in one brow, she took the opportunity to take a post-healing picture on the other!


    Here you can clearly see the difference between unattracted, what it looks like immediately after (sharp and darker than the end result) and then how natural and nice it is after healing.

    Annika has developed her own method for tattooing eyebrows, and lays the strands in a way that a regular 3D tattoo does not. I will publish more pictures immediately after treatment so you can see more clearly how the straws are tattooed:

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    And this is what it looks like after healing then:

    eyebrow tattoo-after-healing

    Hug! ♥

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    1. oh what a appreciated post! more of these, and what good that you show, before, immediately after o after healing. then you see how it will be and the end result is important to see :)

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