Löwengrip Care & Color 18 Hours Mascara

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    Now I have finally tested the mascara from LCC that I have been craving for a very long time, not mainly because it seems so heavenly good but mostly because I have heard such divided opinions about it. Then I always get so curious and want to see what I myself will think haha :)

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    And if I look at many of the eyelash pictures with it, it's not the type of mascara I really fall for, lashes that get so much volume that they almost look sticky if you know what I mean? But I have also seen many great eyelash pictures, which has made me even more test-hungry.

    But now I have also tested it when I got a press sample of it a while ago - and I think it is GREAT in fact!


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    A little difficult-to-foot text on the mascara when shooting with flash as you can see hehe. But I think the sleeve is very nice, matte black with shiny, golden text!

    Brief review - A mascara that gives both length and volume while the lashes stay separated and nice. It has a great durability and is very easy to wash off (not waterproof) and is therefore great this summer!

    ♥ The durability is cruel, does not crumble and does not smudge how oily I am on the eyelid. The lashes are just as nice from morning to night.
    ♥ And despite such good durability, it is still very easy to wash off, I get rid of it with just water.
    ♥ The lashes get both nice length and volume without looking "too much".
    ♥ The lashes are nicely separated as well.
    ♥ Easy to apply, gives no lumps and you can work the lashes nicely if you, like me, do not have lashes that look good immediately.
    ♥ The brush fits both small and large eyes as it is very narrow in the front edge and very wide in the outer edge.

    It is available for purchase at, among other places HERE for SEK 159, where you can also buy two pieces at the same time for SEK 289 (instead of the usual price for two pieces which is SEK 318). The mascara contains 14 ml, which is quite a lot compared to many other mascaras.


    As I said, the brush is very narrow at the top so you can easily access the lashes in the corner of the eye. I think that the brush gets a fair amount of mascara as well, I am "allergic" to mascara brushes that have too much mascara on them, which is quite common among volume mascaras. But this brush is great!


    Here you see my eyelashes, I have used eyelash curlers before. Fina va? :)



    And this is what the lashes look like when I look straight ahead.

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    I can only give two thumbs up! And on Saturday I have a bridal make-up that was here for a test make-up last Friday, then there was a lot of make-up talk and she said that LCC's mascara is her favorite, so it was fun to hear when I was doing a review :)

    It has been in the range for a while now, so several of you who read have probably had time to test it as well? What do you think of it? As I said, I have read divided opinions, some who think it gives for a lot of volume, but this is the case with all mascaras, they can give different results on different eyelashes. So it would be fun to know what you think!

    Now I will refill the coffee cup and wait for the rain to take a break so I can go with the face painting bag to my sister who is so incredibly cute and will help me wash all the brushes I have used this weekend! It's so time consuming (and boring) and I have so much to do so she offered to help. Wonderful man :) ♥

    Hope you get a good start to the new week !!

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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey !
      Wondering if any of you have tried fringe lamination with keratin?
      It seems to be a new gentle trend, an alternative to mascara and false eyelashes…
      The treatment is called YumiLashes.

      • Hello Hello! I have not tested yumilashes, but it is a type of eyelash permanent and I have tested it, we do it at our salon in Uppsala, it is great! However, keratin seems to be a type of finishing that is special with yumilashes, but when I look at before and after pictures, it looks like the result after a completely normal eyelash permanent. So without having read it directly, it seems to be a more caring eyelash permanent :)

    2. I have huge problems with mascara or rather my eyelashes. My eyelashes are short, very thin hair so it is difficult to find a good mascara. Especially when you have such thin eyelash hair. Not at all full-bodied like other or thicker hair anyway. Is blondinbella's mascara good despite my eyelash problems? Or is it better on people who have longer lashes and thicker eyebrow hair?

    3. I had it a few months ago, thought it was super good the first few days, but after a few days it started to get dry and my lashes did not turn out as nice as when it was newly opened. I will therefore not buy it again.

    4. You got really nice lashes with it. I have a very hard time finding a mascara that does not fall off. Always turns black both above and below the eyes. Usually a mascara sits on me for an hour and then I look like a panda. Maybe I should try this (too)
      Regards Mona

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