Quickly applied full-coverage base

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    Hi Helena! I was going to order a little from your nice webshop and wonder what you recommend for products for a comprehensive base? I want it to be quick and easy to apply and suit both oily and dry skin as I have a mixed skin. I like the result of comprehensive liquid foundations but think it takes so long to apply. Thanks in advance!"

    The fastest foundation to apply is absolute mineral foundation, then you do not need to finish with powder, but when the coverage is complete, you can continue with all coloring products.

    It is possible to build up full coverage with just mineral foundation, but for a faster application and more natural results, I recommend priming with a creamy concealer. Then you do not need to put as much foundation for a comprehensive result.

    The base also becomes completely matte and is superb for oily skin, if you want more luster it is great to spray on fixing mist and then a highlighter over :)

    Here is a step by step:

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    Another common question is whether it is possible to combine liquid concealer with mineral foundation. It works just fine as long as you put the concealer before the foundation! :)

    I have used Pixi Pat Away Concealing Base together with glo Skin Beauty Pressed Base Foundation in the shade Golden Medium in this post!

    I have no clear pimples to cover at the time of writing but can certify that the base is comprehensive even on blemishes :)

    1. Do your skin care routine and prime with face primer as usual.

    In this makeup I have used Pixi Flawless & Poreless primer.

    2. Apply concealer under the eyes and on areas that need more coverage. This is very good and easy to spread so it works great even on larger areas such as redness, acne scars, etc.

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    And then mineral foundation on it and you're done! I love to apply mineral foundation with Nanshy Buffed Base brush, it is compact and at the same time extremely soft so it will be a very even result.

    In areas with concealer, I dab on the foundation so as not to spread the concealer more, but in the rest of the face I massage the foundation with circular motions.

    Here you see the result! Matte and comprehensive and goes as fast as you like :)

    Hugs are!

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