Attach glitter to your New Year's make-up

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Is there anyone more than me who will sparkle on New Year's Eve? :)

Making a glittery party make-up is not super easy if you do not have products that are adapted for it, and the best glitter for a real bling-bling look is ordinary loose glitter (which can be bought in most hobby shops if you do not want to spend so much money on something you will not use often) but it is basically impossible to attach without some product that helps with that bit. If you try to dab on such glitter on a regular dry make-up, it will just fall off.

But here is a post where you can clearly see how I usually do! :)

glittery New Year's makeup

Glitter is great both for an eyeliner or dipped directly on the eyelid, it really gives that little extra to the make-up :)

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What you need:
Mixing Liquid from Make Up Store
♥ Glitter in any color
♥ Makeup brush to apply with. I usually use a small narrow if I want to apply the glitter sharply, e.g. to an eyeliner. And then I use a little wider to dab on glitter in larger areas. These brushes come from Nanshy!


1. Pour a small amount of Mixing Liquid into the cap of the bottle. So you can dip in it later, so you do not risk getting makeup into the bottle.


2. Dip the makeup brush into the cap.
(Answer yes it is bite marks you see on the sides haha. What you do not have in the muscles you must have in the head / teeth. Not because it worked either in itself, Miska had to save me then hihi)


Brush a little liquid on your hand, so that the brush is not too wet.


4. Dip the brush into the glitter.

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5. And then just paint! I have used an oblique brush to apply the glitter sharply, it or an eyeliner brush is the best when you want a lot of glitter in a small area.


And in the same way I do if I have to dab on glitter on a make-up where the glitter should be more spread out, but then I use a wider brush and press the glitter with the flat side. Great to do if you want the eye shadow underneath to look good too.

Then the glitter sits like a charm all evening! :) ♥

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Helena Amiley
I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


  1. Now I became incredibly eager to buy some glitter at home and start playing a little, so much fun you can do with it! Will also take a closer look at the bottle from Make Up Store :)

  2. If you have eyeliner, should it still be quite wet so you sort of "paint" the wing instead of dabbing on it as eye shadow? And on eye shadow with a larger brush, should it be a little drier then or also very moist? Just that you dab gently so that the eye shadow underneath is not scattered and discolored?

    • You do not get so much glitter at once that you can paint an eyeliner like a regular wet eyeliner, but it gets a little dabbling there also to get it nice, so it should not be as wet as an eyeliner. You have to dip and pick up glitter several times. The same applies to both brushes, dip in the cork but brush off excess on the hand, so they should not be wet but not dry either :)

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