Favorite combo! Lip pencil + colored lip balm

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    In the blog post ”improve on the lipstick”I mentioned that I love combo lip pencil + colored lip balm both for everyday and for parties.

    Today I therefore thought to show you three different combinations with lip pencil + colored lip balm that are in my web shop Creativemakeup.se! :)

    The lip pencil is glo Skin Beauty Lip Liner and the colored lip balm (which is my absolute favorite lip product) Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm!

    The lip balm is available in six different shades, in this post I have shown three of them and actually skipped the shade I use the most because I have shown it a thousand times in the blog already;) and it is the shade Ripe Raspberry that I have always had 3 of - one in my purse, one at home by the make-up mirror and one on the desk where I work.

    Here you can instead see the shades Honey nectar, Sweet peach and Scarlet sorbet together with different lipsticks!

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    What's so great about this combo?

    1. Nice! I like sharp contours that you can easily get with the lip pencil. The lip balm is also available in different colors that can be combined with basically any lip pencil, regardless of whether you want a colorful color or a more discreet one.

    2. Durable! The lip pencil in the contours I usually do not improve at all, when you eat / drink it rarely disappears from the whole lip but the contours are still there.

    3. Easy to improve! A colored lip balm is semi-opaque and therefore easier to improve because it does not get as sharp, I often do it completely without a mirror. I do the lips in the morning and then I just take the lip balm with me.

    4. Comfortable and caring! Many lipsticks today contain caring ingredients, but it rarely strikes a real lip balm. Lip balm is creamy in a soft and comfortable way that I feel very comfortable in! I am "allergic" to smudges on the lips, I also have a little difficulty with lip gloss even those of good quality (it is a matter of taste too) but I love the feeling of these lip balms!

    Coral crush & Sweet peach:

    The Coral Crush lip pencil is very nice together with the peach-colored lip balm Sweet peach.

    I start by making sharp contours with the lip pencil.

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    Then I dab with the pen towards the lip so that the color is a little toned.

    And so on with the lip balm! I apply to the entire lip but not necessarily to the millimeter at the far end of the contours. But so that the pen + lip balm are a little wrapped around each other.

    Then it will be so nice! :)

    Soulmate & Honey nectar:

    A lighter combo is the lip pencil Soulmate which together with the lip balm Honey nectar gives a light but very nice tone on the lips.

    The lip pencil in the contours + intonated a bit. This lip liner is super nice all alone too!

    But with the lip balm Honey nectar as well, you get a softer and more moisturized feeling on the lips! :)

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    Moxie & Scarlet sorbet:

    My favorite combo is these lip balms for stronger colors such as red and dark pink, as it is extra worth having a quick and easy way to improve during the day :)

    Lip pencil in the contours :) Then dab a little towards the lips as well, as in all the other pictures I have shown!

    With the red lip balm then you get a shitty and durable red mouth that is easy to improve during the day!

    If you use these lip balms without lip pencil, then they are not as pigment-rich as the end result in these pictures :) So if you want a more discreet lip one day, these alone are great for that, of course.

    Shout out if you have any questions! Hug ♥

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