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    Nanshy is a brand from England that manufactures high quality makeup brushes, which are both vegan and cruelty-free. No animal hair has been used but everything is synthetic!

    It does not matter how good products you have, if you have bad make-up brushes it is not easy to get a nice make-up :)


    All makeup brushes are white and incredibly nice and luxurious, the kabuki brush that I have already sold for a while is black, and it has sold a lot already and been very popular (It is unfortunately out of stock at the supplier but is expected to arrive in March) :)

    Now they are also available for purchase in black, I have brought in some sets for you who prefer black brushes. You will find them HERE!

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    Another thing that is very good with the brushes is that they stand on the shaft of everyone what they are for, so you buy a few pieces and have a hard time memorizing in the beginning what everyone is for, so just look at the shaft!

    Here are all 7 makeup brushes for the eyes, and these are therefore partly available to buy as one set for SEK 449 (Available in both white and black), but can also be purchased separately for SEK 99 each.

    Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush - A curved and narrow brush for applying eyeliner, makes it easy to access and see the lash line while painting.
    Angled Detailer Brush - A narrow sent brush for small areas such as the lash lines, as well as the eyebrows.
    Flat Definer Brush - A flat and straight brush that can both be used on the width to e.g. apply eyeshadow and eyeshadow primer, or on the side for straight and fine lines, e.g. on the lower lash line or for a sharp cat eye.
    Blending Eyeshadow Brush - A soft brush that both works to apply eye shadow (on large areas) and fade it.
    Eye Crease Brush - A rounded fading brush that is perfect for the globe line.
    Tapered Crease Brush - A smaller rounded brush that is good both for applying eye shadow and fading it on smaller areas, e.g. at the end of the eyelid, out of the corner of the eye and along the lower lash line.
    Large Shader Brush - A large and soft fade brush that refines your fades and makes them even softer and nicer.

    Here are the make-up brushes for basic make-up, quite compact and incredibly smooth and soft on the face, absolutely wonderful and great for a flawless basic make-up! This set costs SEK 449 (available in both white and black), and if you want to buy single brushes, they cost SEK 149 each.

    Flawless Foundation - Used to apply foundation, both liquid and powder form.
    Buffed Base - Used either for mineral foundation or to apply powder products on smaller areas, e.g. highlighter on chin, cheekbones and forehead.
    Blush & Bronze - Used for bronzer and blush, perfect for shaping the face.
    Conceal Perfector - Great for applying concealer or a little extra foundation on areas that need more coverage. It comes in handy in small places such as under the eyes and around the nostrils.
    Angled Airbrush - Used to apply powder and get a perfect final touch on the base, especially good for fixing a liquid foundation by lightly pressing the powder with this brush. Also great for smoothing out any bumps on bronzer and blush.

    Nanshy Masterful Collection Pearlescent (Available in both white and black) is the most luxurious and useful set that contains makeup brushes for both eyes, face and lips! A few of the brushes for eye make-up are similar to the other sets, but in addition to them, this is a completely unique set with completely different brushes. For example. a large and fluffy powder brush and more fluffy smaller face brushes for blush and sun powder.

    This set costs SEK 799!

    Liner - A thin eyeliner brush that easily gives sharp and straight lines.
    Angled Details - An oblique, flat brush with many uses, perfect for eyebrows and small details such as eyeliner and eye shadow along the lash lines. Great for getting a nice shading under the eye.
    Blending - A soft and rounded brush that is perfect for a nice fade along the globe line. Also good for applying highlighter on smaller areas of the face, e.g. along the nasal bone.
    Shader - Perfect brush to get nice and soft tones on the eye shadow.
    Crease - A rounded brush that works well both for applying and fading eye shadow, great for fading eye shadow along the crease line before using the "blending brush".
    Pencil - A slightly more compact rounded make-up brush that is perfect for fading out small areas, e.g. eye shadow under the eyes or if you want to get the eyeliner more smoky.

    Foundation - An oblique, flat brush for foundation. Great for liquid foundation all over the face (also goes well under the eyes and around the nose). Also works well for applying concealer or highlighter on smaller areas of the face.
    Contouring - A soft and oblique make-up brush that is perfect for bronzer and blush.
    Powder - A large, fluffy and soft makeup brush that is wonderful when applying powder.
    Blush - A fluffy and soft makeup brush that is great for applying blush or powder on smaller areas.
    Stippling - A wonderful foundation brush that provides a lot of coverage and works the foundation properly into the skin for a natural and even result. Be light on the hand and work with circular movements over the skin, then the foundation will enter all small irregularities such as pores and wrinkles.

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    Lip - A lip brush is both more hygienic and easy to use instead of applying with the lip product directly on the lips. Gives sharp and even lip contours! Has an included metal sleeve so that the brush does not smudge in the make-up bag before washing it.

    Kabuki brush (It is currently out of stock but is expected to arrive at the supplier in March.) Is a soft and fluffy makeup brush that is specially adapted to apply mineral foundation and powder. Absolutely wonderful if you ask me! :)

    I am completely in love with this makeup brush brand, nice, soft and really good brushes! :)

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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