Permanent makeup & alopecia

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    There are eyebrows, and so there are eyebrow!

    Annika had a customer yesterday, a young guy with alopecia (lost all his hair) who did permanent makeup on his eyebrows at a salon in Örebro. When you have an illness and receive permanent makeup via the County Council (common for people with alopecia, among other things, or who have been treated with cytotoxic drugs), you must not choose a salon yourself but must go to one in the municipality.

    But when you do not have a single hair yourself, it is not quite easy to get a pair of beautiful eyebrows with a tattoo, especially not if you also want natural and less well-shaped than what women often want. It should look natural and unmade up, and blend in well even though the person in question has neither hair on his head nor eyelashes.

    So, the result at the salon in Örebro was not so good. Not a disaster but the color was good and the straws were easy to tattoo over. But the whole thing was not good-looking. It looked like two dark spots at the beginning of the brow, which Annika does not think is shaded on purpose but that it has flowed out and been a bit blurred possibly because the tattoo artist has gone too deep, and then the rest of the straws are quite neatly placed as well.

    But it was no match for Annika;) Look how nice it turned out:

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    Annika said that if you looked closely at the old tattoo you saw that it almost looked like small scars, the lines were like cuts in the skin, which is probably because blading (when you tattoo with a kind of knife and not a tattoo machine) is not equally gentle on the skin. Not everyone who does blading gets like this, but on this tattoo it looked like small cuts in the skin.

    The result will be a little brighter and not quite as sharp after healing, hopefully I can take a picture before the return visit later so you will see what it looks like then :)


    Difference huh? She's so good Annika!

    If you have any questions, you know that it's just shouting! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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