Final in Tendenz Stylist Award!

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    Now it's finally time for the final of the Tendenz Stylist Award! I have been involved in making up all the pictures, so it's a little extra fun that we went to the final and even though 3rd is also a good placement, I of course keep my fingers crossed that Monica will take home the first place! :)

    The winner is chosen 50% by a jury, but 50% is voting so I will be very happy if you want to go in and vote for Monica Werner! click here to vote and check out the contributions of others! It is super easy to vote, you just click on who you are voting for and do not have to enter your name, Facebook or anything complicated.

    The last theme is Extravagance, ie "excessive luxury" and I do not think Monica needs to explain how she thought with the theme because it is quite clear in the picture; ) Here is our final picture!

    Hairdresser: Monica Werner
    Photographer: Angelica Klang
    Makeup artist: Me 
    Model: Lisen Perols 

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    Nice huh? The hair is really wonderful! This is first and foremost a hairdressing competition and the jury judges 60% on just the hair, and it's lucky Monica has really succeeded!

    And instead of behind the scenes pictures that I usually offer, you get a whole movie from the day instead! It is Monica's video interview that all finalists have done before the final week, and there you will see what it is like for me to work on such fun shots :)

    Niklas Lundengård is the photographer who has filmed all day from beginning to end. 8 hours became 2 minutes of film, it really is a full day on projects like this! Just getting in the colored lens in the eye took a quarter of an hour hahaha.

    Have a wonderful Friday night everyone!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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