Fix ombré hair color in 1 minute

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    Last week I received press samples of an growth spray from Vision Haircare, it is a novelty that is available at Lyko and hairdressing salons, among others.

    Vision Haircare Cover Up is a really smart product when the growth starts to get frustratingly long, you can be so terribly disturbed by it if you want to feel nice one day!

    At present, the spray is available in light brown, dark brown and black, not in red so I can not use it to conjure away the growth completely, but got the idea to spray a black ombre instead, and it turned out really nice! :) In addition, I have been able to put it to the test more properly because it is clearer when it disappears.


    Product description from press material:
    Tired of growing out? Long time until the next hairdresser visit? Cover Up is the savior in need! Cover Up is an outgrowth spray that gently and temporarily covers your gray outgrowth. Thanks to the same nozzle as the majority of Vision Haircare's existing products, the spray is atomized when applied for a more natural result! Say hello to the ultimate quick fix to get rid of the growth and be washed off gradually with shampoo and conditioner. How long the pigment stays in depends entirely on your hair type.

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    Cover Up is currently available in the colors black and light brown on e.g. and selected hairdressing salons around the country for SEK 199 / 125ml. ”

    Look so nice:


    How to make an ombre at home:

    Spray Cover Up on the scalp and down a little towards the lengths. I also brushed through it discreetly after spraying to make the color fade down more.

    2. Tips for extra effect! In the picture above you can see that I also have lighter tops, I did it easily by applying a little white, matte and eye shadow with a large makeup brush in the lengths. Really effective and nice! You can not believe it :) I used Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow (601)


    I think it was very easy to use. It has a soft spray that atomizes the color over the hair. And it was very easy to then it evenly. And by even, I mean that it looks soft and nice, because I who used it for ombre effect do not want a straight and even result, but it can be a little shifts as long as it does not look flammable.

    I think it looks incredibly nice! Do not you think? :)

    First of all, I want to emphasize that the product is made to have a little in the scalp in the middle of the head only. I sprayed in quite a lot and then it colors off quite easily. I lifted my hair a bit and also sprayed from the underside and then I got a little black dusty in the face when the hair lay down for a while. And even now 4 days later I get a little black under the nails and I scratch my head. But it's still dark and nice!

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    In other words, it colors easily if you use it as an ombre product. But I absolutely believe that the durability is good enough to spray away the growth in the legs only. And it has good enough durability for me to want to use it again, but you may not have to wear a white hat :)


    However, there is only one person who noticed any difference and ask if I dyed my hair haha, but it must be proof that it looks very natural :)

    IMG_3283_111 Summary - I love this product! Easy to use and really smart both to conjure away the growth (if you have brown, dark brown or black hair) but also to hide the growth under a nice, dark ombre regardless of hair color :)

    As I said, I have the black shade and it costs SEK 149


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