Novelty! Nanshy Travel Brush Set

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    Now we've finally got home Nanshy Travel Brush Set - the perfect eyebrow set for you on the go! :)

    The kit contains everything you need for a whole makeup, there is nothing I feel I miss when I put on make-up with the brushes! In addition, the set is both nice and easy to pack.

    And the corner! Not only that, now the brushes from the Masterful Collection set are also available to buy separately! There are many who have wanted it :) You will find all brushes HERE.


    Nice huh?

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    The brushes come in a nice, white bag that you can put the brushes in to protect them in the package.

    Light weight
    The shafts are made of thin plastic (Nanshy's other brushes are a little more compact and have more weight in the shafts) so they are much lighter. You do not want to pack unnecessary weight!

    In addition, the shafts are quite short so they do not take up as much space either. Between 12-15 cm.

    Nice look
    And you can not blame them for their appearance either, so beautiful!

    Cheaper price
    These brushes are incredibly luxurious, but thanks to the fact that they are made of lighter materials, they are actually also slightly cheaper than the original brushes from Nanshy. Cashiiing!

    This set costs 695 and is available for purchase HERE.

    Here you see what all brushes look like up close:



    Powder / Foundation - A round brush with a completely flat top, perfect for foundation (both liquid and mineral) and powder.
    Powder - I use this for blush, but also works for powder.
    Angled Blush - I use this for contouring
    Foundation - A flat foundation brush like this is so very useful in my opinion, I use it both for foundation and to dab on extra powder somewhere (eg mineral powder or powder that removes redness. Even for highlighter actually!

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    Eyelash & Eyebrow Spoolie - To comb obsessive eyebrows and eyelashes
    Angled Brow -
    Perfect for filling in eyebrows and for eye makeup.
    Concealer - Flat brush for small areas both concealer and eye shadow primer.
    Angled Shadow - An oblique, round brush that is completely flat on top.
    Liner - Pointed and narrow eyeliner brush.
    Blending Shadow - Large and soft brush, but compact enough to move around the pigments for a perfect fade.
    Shadow - Rounded eyeshadow brush perfect for fading with precision.
    Crease - Fluffy, rounded brush for eye shadow in the globe line.
    Small Shadow - Top! Uses this mainly to apply eye shadow, but also works for fading in small areas.

    Nanshy is a brand from England, and all brushes are synthetic and approved by

    Here are my favorites:


    The oblique contouring brush, just the right size, soft and very easy to use.


    An eyeshadow brush just to my taste! I mainly use it to apply eye shadow, and it is soft and fluffy enough to even fade out the eye shadow a little before applying a larger, softer fading brush.


    So beautiful!

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    You will find all new and old brushes HERE :)

    Hug ♥



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