French marking / Lashliner - That's how it works!

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Lashliner, or lash marking as it is also called, is the makeup tip that is most appreciated when talking makeup with others. When I e.g. have a make-up consultation with a person who has not thought about this before, he will always be extremely happy when you show it! Not only because the tip is so useful, but also because it is so heavenly simple :)

Why a lash marker / lashliner?

  • When you are "unmade up" and want to look fitter
  • To mascara to make the lashes look fuller
  • Instead of eyeliner - perfect for people with droopy eyes and hooded eyes, as well as people with shorter lashes. If you have a wide eyeliner, the lashes look shorter.
  • With eyeliner to get the eyeliner more intense (otherwise there can easily be gaps between the lashes and the eyeliner, where the skin shines through)

It's super good simply!

French marking / Lashliner before and after:

French marking / Lashliner before and after

But there is a recurring question regarding lashliner that I often get, most recently yesterday when I received this comment:

"Among other things, you have suggested that the eye gets another nice framing (?) If you apply eyeliner / similar in the upper lashes (ie in the 'upper lashes waterline') what you now call it haha. It makes a big difference, but for me the color then ends up on the lower waterline & the whole eye turns black… ”

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And so I thought I would sort it out now :)

1. What product can be used to make lash markings / lashliner?

I use a black eye shadow when I make lashliner, and it holds great for my eyes. But if you have problems with durability, you may need a more durable product, then I recommend a waterproof gel liner, it is the easiest after eye shadow, but you can use all kinds of eyeliner, and even mascara (on a brush) if you prefer. It's a bit of a matter of taste, before I always used cake eyeliner.

2. The application - the lash line and the waterline are different things

But the biggest reason why the lash marking smudges is usually not the product you use, but the biggest culprit in the drama is a misunderstanding about where the lash marking should be applied - it is called lash marking and lashliner because it is applied to the lash scalp, right where the strands are stuck, and not along the upper waterline as I have understood many do.

On the lower waterline you can make up and make it last all day (but not with just eye shadow), partly because the waterline there does not move as much as the eyelid, and because it will not be visible as much if it discolors on the upper the waterline. Because even if a product is kept in place for a long time, it can still easily discolour, not least so close to the eye where it is both moist and moving.

Of course, there may be some differences in eye shapes, but most eyes get an exactly the same fine result from lash marking only in the scalp of the lashes, as if you paint all the way down to the upper waterline. It looks the same when you look straight ahead, the difference is that one way is messy, but not the other :)

fringe marking / lashliner

When you look up, you see the difference clearly, do you see the difference between the one who messes up and the one who does not mess up?

I have tattooed a lashliner so I am not completely without the before-picture, but I painted in a little extra late to show you more clearly.

fringe marking-draft copy

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Here you see arrows that show what I mean, on the lashliner that does not smear on the lower lash line, the upper waterline is completely unmade up, and that is how I recommend that you do. In the picture on the right, the entire waterline is also made up, but it started to smudge on the underside of the eye directly for me.

And as I said, you can apply with different products, but this is what I usually do:
Use an oblique brush, e.g. Nanshy Angled Detailer
2. Dip the brush in carbon black eye shadow, none with chewy pigmentation. I use Paese Kashmir eyeshadow (602)
3. Make sure not to have excess shadow on the brush, dab a little with the brush on your hand before, so that if necessary. excess shadow does not fall off and end up on your cheeks when you put on make-up.
4. Lift the eyelid a little with your finger, and dab the shadow between the lashes, right in the scalp of the lashes.


Then it's ready!

Hope the post about fringe marking / lashliner was helpful, and if you have any follow-up questions, you know that it's just a matter of shouting, leave a comment! :)

Hug ♥

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  1. Oh, thank you so much for answering my question! And now I understand more easily how to actually apply. Hope it works better now. But thank you very much!

    Hug! :)

  2. Thanks! Have every time had the problem that it is messy but will try to get better at this now. As you write, it makes a huge difference when you get color even around the lash roots.

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