Moon Rock by IsaDora (Makeup)

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    I was asked to do a make-up with IsaDora's new eye shadows (Moon Rock), partly to show but also to review the durability and so on. So I did today! :)

    It became a sooty look with the 4 palette 04 Moon Rock, and I think the shadows are good and easy to work with. IsaDora's glittery shadows before were often a little too crumbly, and adhered poorly, but their new variants are much better and as long as you have eyeshadow primer (which I always have) they adhere well and sit all day too, even the glittery colors.

    IsaDora's shadows are not the best on the market, but most are absolutely good :)


    The lipstick is also one of IsaDora's news - IsaDora Perfect Matt Lipstick in shade 07 Nude Pink.

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    isadora-autumn-eye shadow

    I have used all the shades from the palette in my make-up today. And since I got the desire to review a little closer, I can say that if I had made this palette, I would have liked to have seen the dark blue color more blue, it has blue pigments in it but becomes kind of dark gray on the skin. And the black shade I would have liked completely carbon black, it is also a bit messy. But otherwise I like them, and I love the bright silvery one!


    Primer first with eyeshadow primer - Pixi Eye Bright Primer

    1. Light silvery eye shadow in the middle of the eyelid (m. Nanshy Pencil Brush)
    2. Dark blue eye shadow innermost and outermost on the eyelid (m. Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush)
    3. Fade the edges and apply it dark blue shade also along the globe line (m. Nanshy blending eyeshadow brush)
    4. Black eye shadow as lash marking + soot in the lower edge inside and outside of the eyelid (m. Nanshy Pencil Brush)
    5. Apply it light silver, silvery and dark blue shade next to each other on the lower lash line (m. Nanshy Pencil Brush)
    6. Blue eyeliner along the waterline, Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen (Black Blue)
    7. Black mascara on all lashes, IsaDora Grand Volume Lash Styler


    Rouge - Paese Powder Blush (40)
    Highlighter / blush (at the highest point of the cheekbones) - Zuii Organic Sparkle Rouge (Berry)


    Hope you like the look! ♥

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    1. When you are going to make a mark on the lash line as "eyeliner" with eye shadow, is it the pencil brush you use then or a smaller one? Which you can apply with and possibly soot with?

      • It is possible with a pencil brush, but it is easier with angled details, ie a slanted flat brush. I used it for that, but forgot to write it because it ended up in the same picture as when I applied with a pencil brush too :)

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