GA.MA Hair dryer

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    I got home a new hair dryer from GA.MA a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it! My God, how fast can you blow dry your hair now :)

    GA.MA Professional Maestrale Ceramic Hairdryer 2000W available for purchase HERE and costs SEK 449. Unfortunately temporarily sold out at the moment, but if it comes in soon, it's a good Christmas gift tip!

    The hair dryer has a powerful AC motor and a ceramic grille that protects the hair from drying out and getting worn, as well as a removable filter for easy cleaning.

    My first reaction, however, was "are hair dryers this heavy ???" Lol! I still use my mini-little pink hair dryer that I bought to be able to have in my purse when I lived in boarding school and commuted home on the weekends. And the one we have at my mother's house is probably at least as old as I am and smells burnt if you use it for more than 3 minutes.

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    So, I did not know if this is how heavy new, nice hair dryers should be, or if it's me who's just used to dirty hair dryers. Because I could feel a little lactic acid when I tested the first time is like no proof that it is heavy, I am so weak that I can barely open a door;)

    Anyway, it weighs about half a kilo and is quite large, so it is not a travel dryer directly but it has good power! I would rather blow dry my hair with a heavy blow dryer for one minute, than blow dry it for three minutes with one that weighs a little.

    An extremely big plus is the different settings!

    First of all, you can (as with almost all hair dryers) set how hard it should blow. There are two modes to choose from.

    Then you can also set how hot you want it to blow, there are three temperatures plus a cooling button! The heat changes very quickly, so if you have the warmest but suddenly want it colder, it goes in a second and it blows cold.

    The cooling button is good for longer durability of the hairstyle, when you blow-dry your hair, the hairs are warm and easily shaped, which means that they can be shaped even when you have stopped blow-drying before they have cooled down. Therefore, it can be good to cool down your hair when you have finished blow-drying.

    The hair dryer also comes with two nozzles - The narrow one is there to be able to concentrate the air flow and gives more precision, and the large diffuser is good for you with natural curls that can otherwise "blow apart" and become fresh. The diffuser provides a more even air distribution and can also be used by us without curls to get more volume.

    * The hair dryer is effective and dries the hair quickly.
    * It is possible to vary the use (with settings and nozzles) depending on what kind of hair you want / want to achieve for results.
    * The cord is long (2.5 meters)
    * Does not sound awkward much
    * Quite heavy but otherwise very comfortable to use

    Two thumbs up I say! :)


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! The new page seems as good as the previous one, just remember to go into the right one: P Have a question regarding Babybliss Curl Secret, have you heard if it works on long hair? And then but I hair that goes down to the ass. Has other curling irons and can curl the hair in two rounds so that the entire length is fairly wavy.
      Have a good one!

      • That makes me happy! And I understand you completely, I myself happen to go to sometimes :) is not in my finger memory yet haha.

        The answer to your question is that it should work, but I have not tested so I dare not promise to 100%. But I have tested on my sister's hair which is very long and thick and we had no problems at all! The biggest difference is that you can not take as thick loops, so it takes a little longer as you have to do more curls than on my hair. But her hair that goes to the waist (maybe even longer) became nicely curly even in the tops :)

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