Get a complexion full of lust

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    I have mentioned Lumene's limited edition series "Artic Sun Collection 2015" before, and now I thought I would show you another product from there that I also love!

    A few weeks ago I got a press sample of this series, and I am completely obsessed with the luminous cream Lumene Artic Sun Skin Tone Perfector:


    What is the Lumene Artic Sun Skin Tone Perfector?
    This is a caring cream that gives the skin radiance and emphasizes tanned skin. It contains caring seed extracts from cloudberries and light-reflecting pigments.

    The skin gets an effective and incredibly nice glow!

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    How to use it?
    You can use it in a few different ways, it is developed for the face but I use it mostly on the body actually. But it can vary in many ways!

    In the whole face / on the whole body - The cream contains a lot of luster so I think it becomes too much if you lubricate it as it is everywhere, and on the body it is not smart as the tube is not that big. So if you want luster everywhere, you can mix it with your day cream / body lotion instead, it will be great!

    In some areas - I only lubricate certain parts of the body / face. I use it on cheeks, collarbones and shoulders, which I do without mixing it up. Then I mix it a little with body lotion and apply a little on the front of the arms, and now in the summer also a little on the thighs and narrow legs if I only have legs. Gets so heavenly nice :)


    Nice lust huh? Here I have used it without mixing it out, but not smeared it all over me.

    Here you see a close-up of the luster when I have applied it to half my hand, you can see the difference clearly:


    Two thumbs up I say!

    The cream contains 30 ml and costs SEK 99, and this limited edition collection is only sold at Åhléns.

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    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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