GHD Final Fix Hairspray

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    The hairspray I mentioned yesterday, which made my tight hair knot last all day without small hairs and hair strands falling out and made the hairstyle messy (even my half-length baby hairs on my neck stayed in place!) It was GHD Final Fix Hairspray which I got in the goodie bag from the event with The You Way!

    You do not need much spray at all to get a durable hairstyle, and the packaging is large (400 ml) and since you need so little, it lasts a long time as well. So even though it is quite expensive, it is still worth the money in my opinion!

    However, I think it makes the hair quite hard, I really like when you do not feel that you have hair spray, but for a tight ponytail and different sets, it is awesome! In addition, the hair becomes soft again as soon as you brush through it, then you do not feel the spray at all anymore, so the hardness does not bother me so much.

    It also repels moisture, which is perfect when it is rainy weather like it is now (at least in Gimo).

    This is what my tight knot looked like after 12 hours, when I had also worked 8 hours in a row, and as you can see, no baby hair or the like has released the slightest bit.

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    The hair spray costs SEK 249 and you can buy it here!

    Hugs are :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi, thanks for such an inspiring blog! I have glasses with wide frames, when I put on make-up the make-up always sticks where they sit on the nose, so when I take off my glasses all the make-up is gone where I had glasses, have you reached tips on how to get the make-up to sit still?

      • There is basically no foundation that can be rubbed on for a whole day without getting marks, but it gets worse if you have a thick layer and if you get oily during the day. The more makeup you have right there, the more it will be visible when it disappears. And if you are oily, the makeup slides away easier too. So my tip is to use sparingly with make-up right where you have the glasses on your nose, and take off your glasses every now and then and powder under so that you do not get an oily skin :) Hugs!

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