Girl problem

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I have a typical girl problem today, and since I mostly have female readers, I think I can be open with it because you will understand me :)

This is because I have been to the gynecologist and sat in a spiral = oh like the phase! I did not understand that it hurts afterwards too? I have been in so much pain that I became nauseous and dizzy.

By the way, the gynecologist said quite honestly "then you can undress behind the veil over there, but you just need to take off your lower body ”. So I may be blonde, but it can not be a common problem that people misunderstand and lie down completely naked in the chair? Lol.

Anyway, the whole afternoon was then spent in the sun with lots of ice cream, a really take-it-yourself moment that you need on days like this. In case you are wondering why I do not offer any makeup post :)

Now get pizza!

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PUSS on is!


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Helena Amiley
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