gloMinerals LUXE Foundation

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    Several years ago I tested gloMinerals LUXE Liquid Foundation which is a thin, light, liquid foundation with real diamond powder that gives the skin an incredibly fine glow. It is very caring for the skin and gives a natural result, perfect for people with dry and / or mature skin.

    The diamond luster gives a nice glow without being shimmery or glittery, and when it sinks into wrinkles, it brightens up the "depth" of the wrinkle and makes it look less prominent. When light passes through the diamond powder, it is reflected and scattered for a visibly softer, more radiant complexion. The diamond powder gives a soft focus on the skin, erases bumps and leaves a radiant, even glow.

    The foundation is semi-covering and gives a nice, natural result.


      • Contains diamond powder.
      • Contains an exclusive antioxidant blend, vitamin A, C & E and Green Tea Extract.
      • UV protection.
      • SPF 18

    Then when I tested this foundation again, it struck me how much you change in terms of what you think is good and bad with different products. A few years ago I was very focused on "the more coverage the better" and did not use this myself very much. I wrote in my review then that it was very good "but for the 500 note I would like more coverage“Haha, like it's just what you pay for. But it depends entirely on what you are looking for, you have a lot of blemishes e.g. so it is not optimal but for a natural result where you only need a little concealer in certain areas, this is absolutely wonderful!

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    Now I am 100% in that it is better to have a light coverage all over the face, and instead use a concealer where you want to cover a little more. You get a much more natural (and sustainable!) Result then. In addition, you save money on it in the long run, to use a little more products than lots of foundation every day.

    And now I love gloMinerals LUXE Foundation!

    before-after-gloLUXE foundation

    I have the shade Naturelle in the picture.

    The foundation is incredibly easy to apply, very light in consistency and can be applied with either fingers or a brush depending on what you prefer. I like stippling brush best I think. The formula glides on the skin very easily and is very thick even though it is so thin.

    MAN must do not fix the foundation with a powder, but I recommend it for an extra durable result. I use the loose powder from the same series, glominerals Luxury Setting Powder, which mattifies the skin without giving a matte surface like regular powders do, as this powder is also lustrous.

    Fills large pores
    In addition, I must say that there are few foundations that without primer under even out the pores as well as this one does! So it not only evens out the skin tone but the skin itself as well. And it's not just young people who have a lot of pores, but it's almost more common when you get a little older. When the skin loses its elasticity, the pores become a little more "relaxed" and more open. This foundation gets a big plus for that!

    The result is incredibly natural and beautiful! The skin looks smooth and unmade up, and at the same time has a fresh glow. It barely feels on the skin and lasts well all day.


    Skin types
    The only thing that is a minus for me is that it is not 100% suitable for my oily skin, it lasts well all day but I get shiny faster than with a degrading foundation. But it is fantastically good for normal / dry / mature skin as it is so caring as well.

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    Complementary products
    As I said, it is not completely opaque, but the combination of foundation, concealer & light-reflecting powder from the same series gives a great result!


    gloMinerals Luxury Concealer is a liquid concealer that reduces signs of fatigue, pigmentation and dark circles. Based on the Luxe series' diamond powder technology. Luxe liquid bright concealer is available in 3 colors. High beam (the lightest tone that brightens and covers), brighten (golden tone that brightens and counteracts redness), sunburst (peach tone that covers dark circles under the eyes)

    I apply the concealer after the foundation, so you can clearly see where / how much it is needed. If you apply before foundation, it is easy to cover unnecessarily much in areas where the foundation evens out sufficiently


    gloMinerals Luxury Setting Powder is a luxurious loose powder, specially developed to fix Luxe liquid foundation. It blurs out fine lines and imperfections, which gives a soft focus effect on the skin. Provides a light coverage with a transparent, silky finish. The formula with diamond powder and synthetic sapphire gives a radiant glow and extends the durability of Luxe liquid foundation. The color is transparent.

    Nice to fix other foundations with too, if you want a result that still gives the skin a nice glow.


    This is how my base looks after foundation, concealer, powder, and then a little contouring and blush on it to give the face a little shape.

    Super nice result right? :)

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    gloMinerals is available for purchase at ♥

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    1. Oh this one could not stand my skin! Became really red-flamed and got tingling in the skin from it… Great pity: - / Do not know what it is in the one I reacted to ..

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