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    Emma sa…
    "I wonder if you can then post a picture with your hair up in a rather tight knot or ponytail? I would like to see what the mounts look like then :) ”

    First of all, shit fries so shocked I was myself when I put my hair up for the first time - soooo much! How do you do that, I thought haha!

    Very difficult when you are used to having so little hair so that the "knot" is more of a Little My-tassel than a knot;) I got the lactic acid phase in my arms before I was done!

    Here are at least two decent knot pictures;)


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    I looked in the mirror (with the help of two mirrors) and did not think that the mounts were visible at all in reality, but they shine through liiitegrann in the picture as you see.

    The good thing is that when you attach, as I also explained yesterday, you attach two hair extensions with the tape to each other + real hair in between, which means that the attachments are not so visible when you put the hair up even when there is no one "Underside" of the brackets.

    If you hold the hair upwards, the brown hair is more visible because it is attached from the underside, and if the hair is down, the blonde is more visible which is attached from the top :)

    In addition, the strands on the loose hair only go up to the tape, so there is no plastic edge or the like at the top of the brackets, it is just hair!

    Hope you understand what I mean, extremely difficult to explain :)

    Now I have to start practicing some hairstyles!

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