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    I feel like the most beautiful person in the world right now, even though I have not had time to put on make-up today :) My hair is so damn beautiful now that I have done Hair Talk Extensions!

    As I wrote earlier, I got a call from the hairdresser this morning, Lynn Creative Zone had received a rebid and had time to put in my hair extensions today - so half an hour later I sat on the bus towards Uppsala.

    hairtalk-extensions-40-cmI have 40cm long hair extensions from Hair Talk Extensions, it goes down just under the tits!

    When I dyed from a token blonde to a little more natural, it got a little darker and a little colder in the beginning because it always drops a little when you shower. We had this in mind when we ordered the loose hair (immediately after the coloring), but the color did not actually release as much as expected.

    So to both get a more harmonious shade + so that the loose hair would get the same color as my real one, we started by doing a "cleansing" in the shampooing. I do not really know what it means if I am to be honest, but it made the dark loops lighter and warmer in any case and I really like the new color! Blonde, but natural :)

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    before-after-hair cleansingAnswer no I did not have time to fix my hair before I went;) but these are before and after pictures of the "cleansing" of the shade.

    Then it was time to put in the loose hair, and then I felt extremely cared for when both Lynn and Josefin helped to make me nice :)

    Creative Zone has just started Hail Talk Extensions, which is a gentle hair extension. It basically does not wear on the hair at all, so you do not need to rest the hair between inserts (ie when the hair has grown out and you have to move it up) and it is therefore also a good method if you want to save your own hair at the same time.

    It is also more economical than other brands, as it is quick to put in (and move up) about an hour, so it will be cheaper money for working hours, and you can also reuse the hair and thus do not have to buy new every time!

    The price also includes 7 hair care products to be used to maintain the hair, and if you use them you have a 6 month guarantee!

    hair talk hair care


    And the most important point (in my opinion) - Hair Talk Extensions is 100% remy hair, ethically traded Fairtrade temple hair from India. In short, it means that it has a very high quality, and the people who have sold the hair have been paid and have always done so in a good way.

    Here are some pictures!

    hairtalk hair extension
    You mix two colors to get the most natural result possible.

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    The loose hair has tape attachments. You pull a loop out of the hair, and paste one color (in my hair, the dark one) on the underside of the loop with the tape facing up. Then you take the other color (on my hair, the light one) and stick it on the top of the loop with the tape down. In this way, the hair extensions and the real hair are mixed together in a very natural way!


    Close up of the brackets. They are so thin that it does not feel the least bit if you pull your hand over your hair! Very nice!

    hair-talk-extensions-before-afterBefore and after.

    hair-talk-hair-extension-before-afterBefore and after, with a little curls too!


    hair-talk pictures

    Recommended salon prices for Hair Talk Extensions are:
    25cm 4800: -
    40 cm 6450: -
    55cm 9350: -

    (at the time of writing anyway, prices change over time)

    Enter into to find a salon near you, and for you Uppsala residents I really recommend Creative Zone!! Above all, they are extremely good, but also honest and service-oriented so you really feel that you are in safe hands. And the atmosphere is great in there! Lots of laughter and talk! :)

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    I'm so happy, when I came home and looked in the mirror I could not help but smile! It looks very natural, and I do not really know myself where my "own length" is somewhere apart from the slightly cropped fringe then.

    It's not uncommon to see myself for a long time, even though I have not had it in a long time. It feels so "I". On the other hand, it is unusual to feel it, because even when I was far away, I was not even close to it this thick! Wonderful indeed! :)

    hair-talk-before-and-afterSo here is 100% before and after, before the "cleansing" of the shade and after the hair extension.

    I think I have included all the info in the post, but if there is something you are wondering, just shout!

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    Helena Amiley
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