Hair Wrap - 10 Questions & Answers - (Home Use)

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    What is a hair wrap & how to use a hair wrap? Are some of the questions that I will answer in this post in addition to all the good tips you can use when using hair wraps at home.

    I am a real nerd (!) In the area and after my hairology education a few years ago, everything about hair care has become even more fun! :) But will try not to stay for also included, so it will not be too much for you to read.

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    What is a hair wrap / hair mask?

    A hair mask or hair wrap is just as it sounds, a wrap for the hair and is used to add moisture, strength and nourishment to your hair.

    Different hair wraps have different properties and which one to choose depends on your conditions and what you are looking for results. For example. Someone with bleached or colored hair needs to add more protein to their hair while a person with dry hair needs a moisture-boosting hair wrap. There are also hair wraps with color to make lighter shades and keep the color longer on treated hair.

    Which hair wrap should I choose for my hair?

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    Depending on what problems you have or need for your hair, it differs in what you should choose for wrapping. The first question is, however, how do you know what your hair needs are?

    If I have to simplify it, you can say that there are three different types of hair:

    1. Hard hair. Often described as dry / lifeless. Good strength but needs moisture. Common among coarser hair types. Fragile when dry (think uncooked spaghetti that breaks off easily) and should therefore preferably be brushed in damp hair.
    2. Elastic hair. Often described as damaged / brittle / treated hair. Has good moisture level but needs more strength. Common if you have thin hair quality or bleached and treated hair. Can feel dry and fresh but it is not due to lack of moisture but because it is damaged. Fragile when it is wet because it becomes even more elastic then (think overcooked spaghetti) and should therefore preferably be brushed in dry hair.
    3. Balanced hair. Good hair quality has a little more strength than elasticity, but only slightly. Then the quality is great! Like perfectly cooked spaghetti;)

    For dry / lifeless hair, I recommend that you choose a wrap that boosts moisture and nutrition, e.g. I like Lernberger Stafsing Hair Mask (adlink) which contains broccoli oil, lingonberry seed oil and rapeseed oil which nourishes and gives the hair shine as well as shea butter and hyaluronic acid which moisturizes deeply.

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    It feels light in the hair and I like that it comes in a tube! Many hair wraps come in cans, it's not my favorite. It is also silicone-free (I am not against silicones in general, but I prefer to avoid it in skin care and hair care).

    For damaged / brittle / treated hair so I can really recommend Olaplex Har Perfector Treatment No. 3 (adlink) which repairs the sulfur bonds in the hair. The product description says that it "fits all hair types" but I do not agree with that, because if a person who has hard hair uses this, the hair can become even harder and feel drier. I know several customers with hard hair who have had that experience of Olaplex.


    If you, like me, bleach your hair, ask the hairdresser to use Olaplex in the bleaching (with some hairdressers it is included in all bleaching, others have it as an option). Then the bleaching wears much less on the hair!

    Olaplex N ° 3 is a home remedy and does not need to be used every hair wash. You can therefore combine it with other hair care products that strengthen the hair.

    Olaplex is not as emollient as a regular hair wrap, because it "only" strengthens the hair, which in turn gives smoother and softer hair compared to damaged hair. But several uses may be required before experiencing that effect.

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    My tip is to also supplement with a really good conditioner that makes the hair smooth and soft, so that you still get the wonderful after-hair-wrapping feeling when you get out of the shower. The best conditioner in my opinion is without a doubt Indy Beauty Care & Protect Repair Conditioner (adlink)! It is rare to be sold on a conditioner (?) But this is really another level, at least on my hair. It is just over and straightens the hair immediately! The hair becomes very smooth and soft, two BIG thumbs up !!

    This shampoo and hair wrap is also good :) I can really recommend this Indy Beauty series + Olaplex for damaged and treated hair!

    In order to get rid of yellow shades after bleaching, I recommend Ida Warg Silver Mask (adlink) which is a caring silver wrap. There is also a silver shampoo and conditioner in the same series.

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    How to use hair wrap at home:

    1. How to use hair wrap?

    The hair wrap is used between shampoo and conditioner, ie 1. Shampoo the hair and wash it out. 2. Add the hair wrap and let it work for the desired time, rinse. Use conditioner, rinse.

    In short, it is used between shampooing and conditioner in damp hair.

    2. Should I have hair wrap in wet or dry hair?

    The hair wrap should be used after shampooing in damp hair so that it can work optimally. The pH value of the water opens up the scalp layer in the hair and allows the wrap to get deeper into the hair shaft.

    It is therefore very important that the hair is wet, as soon as it dries, the hair wrap stops working.

    3. How often should you use hair wrap?

    Depending on the hair wrap, the recommendations may look different. Generally you say 1-2 times a week but it depends on how often you wash your hair. I myself wash only once a week, so using hair wrap 2 times becomes difficult;)

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    More correctly, I usually say that if you have great needs, I usually recommend using hair wrap every wash! Nothing has to, but the more often you use it the faster you get results. It is not possible for a wash to build up moisture and strength in the hair, but your hair quality gets better and better with each wash.

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    4. How long should you leave the hair wrap in?

    I would recommend letting a hair wrap sit for at least 10-15 minutes, but the longer the better! However, remember that it stops working when the hair has dried, so if you plan to have a hair wrap for longer, be sure to lock in the moisture with e.g. one hair turban (adlink) or towel.

    5. What is the best hair wrap?

    It is difficult to say which is the best hair wrap because everyone has such different needs. But Lernberger Stafsing (adlink) is a really good hair care brand and when it comes to repairing hair so is Olaplex (adlink) worth gold!

    6. Can you have hair wrap overnight / sleep with hair wrap?

    Yes, it is possible to have the hair wrap overnight and sleep with your hair wrap! However, you must remember that the wrap stops working when the hair has dried.

    One tip is to wrap and use one hair turban (adlink) for the hair to stay moist all night.

    There are also different "night-hair wraps". Writes more about this further down in the post!

    7. Can you have hair wrap in colored hair?

    Hair wrap for colored hair works optimally! It can also e.g. help with the tinting of the hair. If you have yellow hair after coloring, you can use a silver wrap to neutralize the yellow tones and get a cooler shade.

    8. Should you use conditioner after hair wrapping?

    The conditioner is for closing the scalp layer in the hair strand again, so after you have let the hair wrap work for the desired time, finish the entire procedure with conditioner.

    best conditioner

    Here you see a close-up of the shampoo, conditioner and hair wrap from Indy Beauty (adlink) which I highly recommend!

    9. I do not have time to use hair wrap, so what do I do?

    When I recommend hair wrapping every wash, I am often met with the reaction "I do not have time for that!" Lol. I understand that! For me who wash my hair only once a week, it is not difficult, but if you wash your hair every other day, it is of course very time consuming.

    I can not influence people's shower times, but a tip that makes the hair feel good is to wash it less often - but do it really properly once you do it :)

    I shampoo my hair twice and then massage my scalp thoroughly so that it is completely clean and use hair wrap every wash, at least 15 min. But in total in one week, I spend less time on hair washing than a person who washes their hair every other day.

    dry shampoo, fragrance-free, fragrance-free hair care, fragrance-free products,

    If you are not used to washing your hair less often, I can recommend dry shampoo! And if you are not used to dry shampoo, I can recommend DS Dry Shampoo (adlink) and Idun Minerals Refreshing Dry Shampoo (adlink) which are both very light formulations and fragrance-free! Almost like not having any product in the hair, but not greasy hair either :)

    The biggest difference (because there is not much difference between these) is that DS is a little more expensive and contains 300 ml, while Idun is a little cheaper and contains 200 ml.

    10. Is there a hair wrap that gives fast results?

    Some packaging is more intense than others, but a good quick-fix is a product that has become a favorite product in my home: Löwengrip Overnight Hair Mask (adlink).

    You might think it is messy to sleep with, but I would not call it hair wrap (it can be applied to dry hair and then does not work deeply) but is rather a more effective leave-in conditioner. Not at all like sleeping with a hair wrap then, but more like a lotion that you lubricate in the hair and do not need to rinse out the next day! :)

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    I went to bed with fresh and dry hair, put in this night-hair wrap and slept with braid. Then my hair looked well-groomed and nice the next day!

    Products recommended in this post:

    The products I myself use and / or recommend in this post are according to the list below. Adlinks:

    Thank me later, or what do you say! ;)

    Other posts about hair & hair care:

    I can also recommend several of my other posts about hair & hair care, have a look at these if you are interested in more reading!

    Hope my post about hair wraps has been helpful! If you have any more questions or have your own tips on how to use hair wrap, feel free to comment below! :)

    Hug hug!

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