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    I got home three fun perfumes a week!

    They come from the French brand Parfums Hashtag, which is aimed at young people with different personalities. Funny idea I think! The three different fragrances #imaPrincess, #iloveYou and #CrazyGirl, all are EdT and are now available for purchase! :)

    They cost 99 kroner, however THESE currently has a campaign and they sell for only SEK 79!

    “The successful brand from France has come to Sweden! Parfums Hashtag, a completely new perfume brand with three EdTs for teenagers. The successful brand Parfums Hashtag has taken France by storm. The super popular perfume brand all young people talk about is now being launched in Sweden. Parfums Hashtag is developed for the young girl who wants a personal and unique fragrance that enhances her personality, whether she is a fashionista, trendsetter, party ping or most cares about love and friendship. The brand's three fragrances #imaPrincess, #iloveYou and #CrazyGirl represent different personalities. ”

    #CrazyGirl smells fruity and exotic. I think it smells sour and healthy!

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    Top notes: Bergamot & black currants.
    Heart notes: Blueberries & violet.
    Base notes: Vanilla & musk.

    #iloveYou is described as "delicately powdery floral" but according to it actually smells a bit homemade, very sweet and reminiscent of buns :)

    Top notes: Bergamot & cotton candy.
    Heart notes: Jasmine, freesia & praline.
    Base notes: Vanilla, honey & tonka bean.

    #imaPrincess smells fresh, floral and sweet, and I agree it is a little more fresh and fresh than the other scents, but still in the sweet direction.

    Top notes: Tangerine & orange blossom.
    Heart notes: Jasmine, iris, plum & raspberry.
    Base notes: Patchouli, vanilla, praline & musk.

    I probably like #CrazyGirl the most, but #imaPrincess will not be far behind :) I think everyone smells very good, however, there is no one that I personally fell for 100% but it is really just about taste and I think many can find a favorite among these!

    Immediately after spraying, I think they smell very much, almost a little strong, but it gets milder quite quickly, which is good. And surely the packaging is cute? Lots of cute hashtags :)

    Have any of you already smelled these?

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      • It gets mild pretty quickly, but I just think it's good. Exactly how long the scent lasts, I find it difficult to judge, because the nose gets used to it, but if you have it from morning to night, I experience that almost all the scent is gone at bedtime, but it lasts relatively long anyway, but it notice that it is not a 500 kronor perfume :)

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