Helena ♥ Miss day

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    Since Valentine's Day is on Tuesday, and I'm at school on weekdays, I celebrated and missed Helena ♥ Miska day yesterday instead!

    We had a super cozy stay all day, and I was in charge of the dinner:

    The beginning of a heart-shaped sandwich cake!

    Note my nice cucumbers;)
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    Nice huh? It was Super good also. I would actually also make chocolate pancakes for breakfast, but Miska insisted on eating sandwich cake then as well.
    Can't we eat sandwich cake for breakfast instead? There is so much. And then I do not have to wait that long… Shall we get up early tomorrow? ” About that he sounded;)

    Miska was responsible for the dessert!
    Ice cream-filled pineapple with lots of other fruits + chocolate sauce and sprinkles, muums.
    Feels hard to leave here today!
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