Helena likes - Idun Minerals Nail Polish Rock Crystal

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    I love light nail polish and this spring I am especially in love with nude tones (regardless of skin tone) and think it is so nice with high-gloss and well-fixed nails in a color that blends into the skin tone. So nice!

    For me who is light in complexion, the shade is Rock Crystal from Idun Minerals is a crazy nice nude color that I want to recommend today :) I got a press sample on this quite a long time ago and have used the look as dense since then, think it is really good.

    Idun Minerals nail polish is a mineral nail polish and has a so-called 5-free formula, which means that five harmful chemicals have been removed. I have not read what the ingredients are about, but it undeniably sounds nice and the brand itself has good values and environmental thinking :) The nail polish also contains minerals, vitamins and almond oil that strengthens and nourishes the nails.

    The nail polish contains 11 ml, so it's a pretty big bottle which I like! And the durability of the lacquer Rock crystal is very good too, I think. Nothing to complain about!

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    The price is SEK 95 and they can be bought at, among other places, Idun's own website.

    The result is nice already after one layer if you want a transparent result, but I like it best with two layers when you get a nice coverage.

    Two thumbs up I say!

    Hope you had a really nice start to the new week. I myself have been free all weekend and donated at home in the garden, it's like going to a therapist to clear weeds and do nice things! To literally clean away things that are old, dry and dull and see new green leaves grow nice :) In addition, my mother loved to do things in the garden so it felt like she was happy too!

    And when you have a job that oscillates between creatively with small details and sitting at the computer and using your head for numbers, emails, etc., it feels really great to be able to work a little with the body! You hardly need to think or focus your gaze very much, you just drive. Really nice :)

    Hope your weekend has been good too ♥ Hugs!

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! Have a question that does not concern nail polish but it might go well anyway? I have previously used glominerals pressed base foundation in the color Natural fair. But it is a bit too yellow for me, do you know if there is another color with the same brightness but more pink, such as beige light? Unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to check them out in the store myself, but can only order online.
      Thanks! :)

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