Shaping eyebrows is a craft

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    Satisfied and happy customers can really make your whole day, love it! :) I do not have an open schedule for bookings but usually only take regulars and people who want to come to me specifically, but when we are fully booked (as we are right now) I open up my schedule as well and have received raw about lots of new customers. Really fun!

    And what makes me a little sad (and happy at the same time) is when customers tell me about other salons they fixed their eyebrows at and are shocked at how we can get such a good result when they suddenly realize that all they have been to before have been half as careful, half as skilled and half as knowledgeable. To me, eyebrow plucking and coloring is like a little craft! Each eyebrow is unique and by removing just the right hair and applying the color in the perfect way, you can sometimes make the customer believe that you are holding a magic wand :)

    Here is the result of yesterday's customer, who really did not want to dye but only pick (because she can not go outside the door in a week when she dyes at other salons) but who after a bit of persuasion dyed anyway and then only regretted that she did not come to me earlier haha.

    She does not really have hard eyebrows at all except that you have to think a little to get a nice highest point on the eyebrow, as her natural shape is quite straight. Her straws are very long right in the middle of the brow and grow a lot downwards, so you have to work a lot with the scissors there to get the shape. And color the light fjun straws in the upper part of the brow also to get more fullness and thus "lift" the brow.

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    If you do not cut an eyebrow like this (and spend a little extra time getting the shape) but only pick with tweezers, then the shape will either need to be kept quite wide or make it super thin at the outer edges. And that's exactly how this customer has gotten at other salons, she said that either they only take a few straws and she could just as well have done it herself, or they become so narrow at the outer edges that she barely has anything left.

    I think it feels like many people seem to think that it is "just taking a jerk" and perform the treatment without actually being able to do a good job. It's a little more complex than pulling straws from the root. Some eyebrows need to be cut a lot, some barely need to be cut at all, some look best when brushing the hairs up and some when brushing the hairs down. Some need to raise the highest point, some need to let it grow more in some places (if you picked them yourself, or with someone ignorant) and some need to be stained twice on some part of the brow to get the best result.

    Creative people are often good at several things, because you have an eye for color and shape, but just because you can cut and color hair does not mean that you can automatically shape a nice eyebrow, and just because you are good at nails nor does it mean that you can shape a fine eyebrow. You can probably definitely learn! But one must understand that it is so much more than just pulling straws. Then we can never add straws (then you have to go to Annika hehe) but you can definitely make big transformations with the right knowledge, proper time, tweezers, scissors and some color tubes :)

    It has started to pop up a lot of brow bars as well, which is basically fun I think but when you say "come and fix the brows in 15 minutes!" so it goes completely against my concept and values. Sit for a few more minutes and get a shape and color that is both nicer and more durable, so you do not have to redo them as often either.

    What a long post it was to show a before and after picture haha. Hope you thought it was interesting with my observations and reflections anyway :)

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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