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I have received a press release on IsaDora's new collection "Fresh & Flawless" and have tested all products together in a base make-up. Here is my review of these! :)

In the mailing I got face primer, 2 concealers, foundation, beauty blender and face mist.

Here you see the results before and after!

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For my skin type, the base is a bit too glowy and creamy, which does not really work for my oily skin, but at the end of this post you see pictures where I finished the make-up with powder, contouring, blush, eyebrows and lips, then it looks great :)

1. IsaDora Protect Face Primer SPF 30 - Bronzer (Adlink)
This is a face primer that also gives the skin a bronze effect. I have 0.0 tan so it gets a little too much bronzer for my skin, but it is also available in uncolored (clear) and with only a little color (tinted). But as an extra color for you who are not really as bright as me, I think it will be great! Nice even without foundation over, instead of a regular SPF cream for example.

Otherwise, I think it is good, not wow-leveling but definitely a good face primer. But above all a big plus for SPF 30 !!

2. IsaDora BB Cream Spf 12 (Adlink)
This is a BB Cream that is described as a hybrid between makeup and skin care as it is very caring for the skin with oils and vitamin E. It is more comprehensive than you might think when you read the description as it says that you can have it as a primer under a regular foundation, but I personally do not think you need a foundation over this. I only have a little concealer on blemishes, I think it gives quite a lot of coverage.

It is not 100% optimal for my oily skin, I have to have a lot of powder to keep the skin matte and makeup in place, but other than that I like this very much! It becomes even and nice, easy to apply and makes the skin look very even and nice without getting an unnatural coverage. I have the shade 08 Blonde Beige.

I have tested it with a moisturized beauty blender, fingers and brush, and I think everything works well but I personally like to apply it with a brush.

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In addition, I like that it is pump packaging in a tube! Feels like you can easily get everything out when it is a tube, while it is flexible and practical with a pump.

Contains among other things:
Oil Oil - vegetable oil, emollient and very moisturizing.
Camellia seed oil (Gold of pleasure) - rich in Omega 3 and 6, emollient, prevents premature aging, improves skin elasticity and suppleness
Tocopherol - Vitamin E (antioxidant)
3-D polymer (Silicone polymers treated with amino acids) - evens out the skin and visually fills in small wrinkles

IsaDoras Beauty Blender (Adlink) is good but not a new favorite, I think it feels a bit slimy (?) When you moisten it with water, which many people may like but I think it feels a bit uncomfortable haha. Have any of you tested this and understand what I mean?

3. IsaDora Perfect Coverstick (Adlink)
IsaDora has nuanced their cover sticks that you simply dab on the skin and spread out with your fingertip. The formula is anti-inflammatory and contains, among other things:
Allantoin - moisturizing and caring
Bisabolol (from chamomile) - anti-inflammatory, sedative
Calendula oil (from marigold) - has a healing effect and counteracts cracks in the skin

I think it's good! Easy to use and provides good coverage. I personally prefer to apply concealer with a brush, both for practical reasons and for hygiene reasons, but still think that this works well and does its job :)

4. IsaDora Light Touch Concealer (Adlink)
This concealer is nothing new but is part of the Flawless look from IsaDora. It works well to brighten certain parts of the face, e.g. under the eyes but has never been a product I have used often, but also do not think it is bad. Good when you want a little discreet lighting and a little extra coverage :)

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I spread this concealer with my fingertip :)

5. IsaDora Face Mist (Adlink)
This is a 3in1 face mist that can be sprayed both before make-up as a primer, and after make-up as a fixing mist. It is thus both a primer and a fixing mist that also provides moisture and SPF 30.

• SPF 30 protection against both UVA / UVB rays
• Unique collagen peptide (synthetically extracted) - reduces wrinkles, fills in and makes the skin firmer.
• Oil-free cream gel consistency - feels light and moisturizing on the skin.
• For all skin types - even for oily and combination skin as it is oil-free.

Active ingredients:
Collagen - Reduces wrinkles, fills in and makes the skin firmer.
Glycerin - Moisturizing. Vitamin C + E - Antioxidant. Protects the skin against premature aging.

Njaaa I have to say to this one actually! And it's simply because the spray is so non-atomized that you get big drops on your face, not nice. If you press hard on the spray, it will be a little better than if you press lighter, but there will still be no fine spray cloud as well as without drops that become like glossy dots on the base make-up.

And here is the final result! Fint va?

Summary - The end result will be very nice I think, but there are a few scattered showers what I think about every single step. The only product I feel I really want to use again is IsaDora's BB Cream, and the only product I feel I can not recommend at all is Face Misten. The rest is good but no personal favorites for me :)

The products together are not a perfect combination for oily skin, but all products provide a nice coverage and a natural finish. Very nice!

Have any of you tested one or more of these products? What do you think?


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  1. This really has nothing to do with the post above, but just have to thank you Helena so much for all the tips I received at the consultation in December. especially for the tip on Pixis foundation H2O skintint. It's the best I've tested in heeeela my life! Absolutely love it 😍 along with paese's primer matte base and bamboo powder, is so impressed! Most recently today I had it for 12 hours and the only thing that needed to be done was to powder 2 times because I get oily on the throne, but I am used to doing it many more times.

    • Ooooh how happy I am now, getting genuinely warm in my heart from being able to help you and that you got so much out of the consultation, really fun! And always just as fun when others like the products as much as I do, that's what I'm passionate about. If you have not already done so, we would be very grateful if you want to go to our facebook page creativemakeup.se and write a review there as well: * Wish you a fantastic day and come and visit the salon again when you have the roads past Uppsala next time :) <3

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