How to get long and strong nails?

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    So typically, as usual on Thursdays, I have been on Creative Make Up all day, and saw way too late that my scheduled morning post had not been published. Went in and peeked now and saw that it was time for October haha, such I actually do not have foresight :)

    Anyway. A few months ago I wrote a post on with tips on how to get long and strong nails, and it was very much appreciated so I thought I would bring it up again :)

    All my life I have thought that I simply do not have the genes to get long and nice nails. They have always been soft and so thin that they are basically transparent, they have sliced and gone all the time.

    But about a year ago, I became more and more careful with my nail care, and I notice such a huge difference! My nails get so long that I have to cut them with nail scissors (has never happened before), they are much stronger and also they are not transparent at all anymore.

    The changes I have made are not really that big and I thought I would share my tips with you today, but what I have mainly done, which I think has contributed the most, is to lubricate the cuticles!

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    This is how I never thought my nails could look! The picture is not completely new because now I have cut my nails a bit, so that they would not be as long when I take my swatch pictures :)

    Of course, there are thousands of different tips on how to get longer and stronger nails, but here are the three points that I do and that work for me:

    Tip 1 - Lubricate the cuticles !!
    This is probably what has made the biggest difference in the long run. The nails are "made" at the cuticles, so it goes without saying that a healthy cuticle will give stronger nails. I have heard that you should lubricate the cuticles three times a day, I have not been really that good but at least once a day at least.

    The best cuticle lubrication is the one that gets rid of;) so choose a product that is easy and quick to use, and have it lying next to the bed / computer / TV or similar so that you lubricate the cuticles regularly.

    I have not used only one product all the time but tested a little different, both creams and oils. The most important thing is to use a thin product with such small molecules that it goes into the thin skin around the nails, and right now I use Beneco's organic Nail Care Pen, it's great!


    Benecos Nail Care Pen (SEK 79) is an organic cuticle oil with natural ingredients, including jojoba oil, almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, chamomile and vitamins E and F, which together moisturize, repair, care for, protect and soothe dry and irritated cuticles.

    You simply screw the bottom of the pen to get oil in the brush, which means that you can easily choose the amount you want. I have tried many similar products that are either too dry or too sticky, but this one is perfect.

    The oil quickly penetrates the skin as well and the cuticles become soft and supple!

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    Tip 2 - Do not peel under the nails
    I do not really know what the skin under the nails is called on "real", nail plate? Anyway, it will be like a support for the nail so it is good if it can be as long as possible. Therefore, do not peel with sharp objects under the nails! It is best if the nail is stuck in the skin only at the fingertips. You see what I mean by the marking on the first picture in the post.

    Use a nail brush to clean the underside, and do not use the nails as a tool so that the nail and nail plate are destroyed for that reason as well.

    Tip 3 - Use acetone-free nail polish remover
    I always used remover with acetone when I removed the nail polish before. It both stinks and dries out, not good at all! Now I use Paese Nail Polish Remover which is acetone-free and both nourishes the nails (with vitamins E, F and glycerin) and also smells good of tropical fruits! :)


    Paese's nail polish remover is a super smart pump bottle, so you just press the cotton against the opening and you get a fair amount! :)

    In this picture I had long salon nails, oh oh oh how long they were sometimes when I had not fixed them for a long time haha. Many people's nails get worn out when you, like me, have had gel nails for a year, but mine are still beautiful no matter what and it's thanks to me taking care of them!

    Speaking of which, by the way, there are still questions about my collaboration with the nail salon and whether the discount still applies. No later than two days ago. But it does not, I no longer have any cooperation with that company and if you go there you have to pay full price.

    Hope the tips were helpful, and remember that it takes time to get nice nails from scratch, you only notice the difference when the new nail has grown out of the nail plate!

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi. The one who had such nice nails anyway. The body shop has a nail oil and also hand butter which is very good. The name of the series is Almond and the oil is as in the picture. Like a pencil with a brush at the end.

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