How high is the eye shadow applied?

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    When I hold make-up consultations, I barely have time to start with the eye shadow before I get the question "how high should you put it? ”

    There is no right or wrong answer really, but a big reason why many feel that they do not get the makeup very well is because they do not put the shadow high enough.

    In this post, I thought I would explain why! :)

    How to apply eye shadow nicely?

    Many people know that you usually do the fading in the globe line, ie the "elongated pit" between the eye itself and the brow bone.

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    But on most eye shapes it is not really that simple, because you usually sit like this when you apply the eye shadow:

    And then you lift the eyebrows and stretch the skin on the eyelids very much, so where the skin on the globe line is when you look ahead and when you half-close your eyes in this way is completely different.

    How high should you tone the eye shadow?

    Before I do the fading, I usually mark how high up I want to put the shadow by looking straight ahead into the mirror (note without raising the eyebrows, so most do when they reflect, relax in the forehead) and dab lightly with the shadow so high up I need to make the fade for it to come over the globe line when I look ahead:

    Over this skin fold I want the fade :)

    And so high, it feels quite scary to put the shadow when you half-close and stretch your eyebrows, because it looks so heavenly high then, which means that many put the shadow too far down, as in the left eye in this picture:

    Why do you want the fade so high up then?

    Well, to get a softer make-up, you have faded out the eyeshadow for a reason, but if that fading is too far down, it will end up inside the crease line fold when you look straight ahead, which results in the skin fold above "cutting off" the eyeshadow and instead of a soft fade gives you a sharp edge.

    Like this:

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    There is nothing wrong with the left eye, but if you want a soft make-up with a visible fade, you will not get the desired result.

    Then I also want to emphasize that there are lots of different eye shapes and not everyone has a globe line in the same way, some eyes do not get this skin fold at all and then you have to think differently :)

    The eyeshadow in this post comes from the palette Glo Skin Beauty Shadow palette (Mixed Metals) which is in my webshop ♥

    Hope you like the post and that the tips were helpful!





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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Thanks for a very good and informative demo😊 Understand much better thanks to your examples. Do you have any tips on what to keep in mind when casting shadows on deep-set eyes?

      • Glad you like the post! If you want the eyes to "come out" more, you can use the tips in this post but replace the shadow on the eyelid to a lighter color instead. So a dark color in and over the globe line but a light color on the eyelid. Hug! :)

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