How not to wash the makeup brushes

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    Sometimes you do such crazy things, that in retrospect you do not even understand how you could come up with the idea. How could I not understand that this would not work… :)

    I find it very boring to wash the make-up brushes, and since I have so many, I usually just take a new clean brush instead of washing the one I have used.

    This results in me then standing there with a whole pile of makeup brushes to be washed at once, but I prefer to do so because then you can turn on some music and drink a cold Red Bull at the same time and make a cozy thing out of it.

    But a few days ago I also had a little lack of time when I would get rid of that whole pile of dirty brushes, so I filled a large bowl with hot water and detergent and left the brushes there for at least an hour. "Great now all the dirt will have dissolved and then it goes very fast then" I thought with a smile.

    Apart from the fact that make-up brushes do not really withstand being in hot water for long, you can probably guess what I have struggled with in recent days. The glue was dissolved in the water so that the shaft comes off very easily, and I get to glue make-up brushes all day, it feels like.

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    * Stupid, stupid stupid *



    When I still talk about it, I can say some quick tips about just makeup brush washing:

    * Synthetic brushes can be washed with ordinary detergent
    * Brushes with real hair are washed with shampoo and conditioner, and sometimes it is good to even do a wrap.
    * There is also a special make-up brush cleaner you can buy, if you can afford to spend money on such a detail. The important thing is that they are clean, I think.
    * You can also buy special "alcohol" for the makeup brushes, so that you can get rid of all bacteria between the washes. It is good! Especially if you have been careless with the laundry;)
    * Wash your make-up brushes often, those used for powder products can be washed once a week, but brushes for creamy products should be washed immediately after use.
    * Let the brushes dry horizontally. If you put them with the straws down, the straws are destroyed, and if you put them with the straws up, water can flow down where the straws are stuck and dissolve the glue.
    * Do not rub too hard when washing, especially on brushes with real hair! The top of the straws is easily destroyed, and then the brush feels rough.

    Finally, be careful when washing your makeup brushes, do it often and do not make the same mistakes as me! :)

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