How to make a nice cat eye shape?

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    When you start at the edges, as I think you do (?), Should it be straight in then? So, it should not be a curve or something, but it should be fairly straight until you get to the corner of the eye type? Or do you start from the inside sometimes? ”

    I got this comment on Saturday's make - up, and thought of publishing an "old" tutorial that I showed you before, where I think you can see a little better how I usually do :)

    1. Do you start on the inside or outside of the eyelid?
    I do a little different here actually, there is nothing right and wrong. When I want a very marked shape around the eye, I usually start at the outer edges, because then the shape is the most important thing and what I want to start from when I do the rest of the make-up.

    But is it a specific color I want to use on the eyelid or if I want a softer and faded make-up, then I usually start by applying the innermost part of the eyelid!

    2. How to shape the make-up?
    I guess we're talking about a cat eye shape because it was on such a post I got the comment. Then I usually put make-up quite straight outwards from the outer corner of the eye and out towards the temples. But then when I continue towards the eye, I usually simply follow the shape of the globe line! Either I apply just along the globe line, or a bit above, but I start from that shape.

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    In other words, deep down in the eye, I do not usually make a particularly straight shape as most globe lines are a little more curved like an arc, and then the make-up is too :)


    In these pictures you can see how I usually shape my cat eye shape, and if I had applied the dark even further towards the corner of the eye, that shape would have been even more curved and followed the globe line in the same downward slope.

    I like to stop before the corner of the eye with the dark shadow if I use both a light and a dark, but if I had done a completely black make-up, the eye shadow shape would have followed the downward bend of the globe line at the bottom of the eyelid!

    Hope you all understand what I mean! :)

    And by the way, is it just for me that the pictures in all Finest blogs are not visible? Or has something gone wrong with Finest? Hope you see the picture I have posted in the post, and if not then we can hope that it resolves soon!

    Hug you and make sure you get a wonderful start to this new week! ♥

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