Skin care from Rapsodine

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    I received a press release with a shower cream and a body lotion from the Swedish brand Rapsodine last week, and I fell for them already at the first use!

    I like this brand :)


    Rapsodine is a Swedish organic brand, more specifically a family business based in Mariestad where all products are manufactured in their own factory. All raw materials come from Sweden, and the common thread in the content, cold-pressed rapeseed oil, comes from one and the same farm and is KRAV-grown. In addition, all packaging is made of recyclable material.

    The prices are not super high either, at e.g. there is a lot of the range and they are currently on sale, so all products cost between SEK 55-99.


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    Rapsodine Body Lotion is a creamy and wonderful cream that contains heather extract and rapeseed oil. Heather cares for the skin and helps preserve the skin's elasticity, and rapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E and has a long moisturizing effect.

    I like it mainly because it goes into the skin so incredibly fast, even if you take a lot of cream, and the skin becomes so smooth afterwards!

    The scent is natural and mild, does not come up with a better explanation, a bit floral but not "classic floral scent" either. I like the scent anyway, mild and light.

    Here you see a picture of the cream:


    Two big thumbs up get this body lotion from me, love !!


    Rapsodine Shower cream contains rapeseed oil and extracts from juniper shoots that together nourish and moisturize the skin. The shower cream is very light, thin in texture without feeling too runny, and it foams a lot and feels very nice on the skin. Has about the same scent as the lotion. A mild, light and lovely shower cream that I also like a lot :)

    Two thumbs up in other words, and I get incredibly eager to try all the other products from Rapsodine! ♥

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