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    Now I have had hair extensions from Hairtalk since April (think it was in April I started with it anyway!) But now they are gone and I feel thinner than ever haha. I understand that many people become "addicted" to hair extensions because it is so unusual to be without it so it feels like you barely have anything left.

    The reason I took it out was because my growth has become quite long so that the attachments are difficult far from the scalp, and I can not have set up anymore without them being visible. So I had to do something for them before my and Miska's trip abroad, but to cut, dye and donate before leaving went felt unnecessary, I will still mostly have set up and also the hair will be sun bleached, so I just took out the loose hair now and then we'll see how I want to do with it when I get home again!

    I fix Lynn's hair Creative Zone in Uppsala:) They do not work with Hairtalk Extensions anymore though.

    This is how thin I am now:

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    But it has grown a lot during the time I had hair extensions !!

    I have received many questions about the color, so I asked Lynn to write down what she used and this is the answer:

    ”30ml 6%
    70ml 3%
    equal parts 8.35 + 8
    with water in addition to outgrowth ”

    To me, this says absolutely nothing, but all hairdressers certainly understand! I have also had the color packaging afterwards Maria Nila Color Refresh in the shade Brigt Copper, it has been washed out a bit now but I probably have a little more copper tone than it was before the packaging. I was more coppery right after the hairdresser but it dropped / neutralized a bit so then the color packaging was perfect!

    This is what my scalp looked like this morning! Growth since August.

    This is what I looked like when I had sat in the loose hair for the first time. And then in August we cut the loose hair to my own length plus made a more autumnal color!

    I have never in my entire life received so many compliments as when I changed to this hair color, completely crazy and great fun! :)

    Haha that little I hold is like half my hair, so little!

    I remember how strange it felt the first time with the loose hair, to put the hair up in a knot the first time was super difficult because it was so much hair to keep track of haha. But after a while all the hair felt like my own, so it's no wonder that only my own now feels like nothing, more than half is gone :)

    Have any of you felt the same way when you took out your hair extensions?

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