IsaDora ProTect Face Primer Tinted

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    I have received a press release on IsaDora's news ProTect Face Primer Tinted which is now also available in a colored variant.

    This face primer has thus been in the range before, but then without color. The new one has the same properties as the previous primer, but also gives a fresh tone to the skin.

    The properties of a face primer vary - some focus on specific skin types, some have a neutralizing color and some are for extra large pores, etc. But the common denominator is that it is a good foundation for the rest of the face makeup, and gets your base more even. and durable.

    IsaDora's primer is such a "general primer" that does not specify a problem such as e.g. oily skin, red areas or large pores, but it is basic and makes your foundation more even and durable. A good alternative for you who want to "refine" the basic make-up but do not immediately have any specific problems.


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    This is how the product is described:
    ProTect Face Primer Tinted is a light colored primer that prepares your skin with a good dose of moisture and SPF 30. Can be used alone to give a fresh tone to the face or as a primer.

    • Effective sun protection factor 30 - Broad Spectrum = SPF 30 protection against both UVA / UVB rays
    • Unique collagen peptide (synthetically extracted) - reduces wrinkles, fills in and makes the skin firmer.
    • Oil-free cream gel consistency - feels light and moisturizing on the skin.
    • Perfect base - for a flawless, fresh make-up that lasts all day.
    • For all skin types - even for oily and combination skin as it is oil-free. ”


    The primer looks like a foundation, but gives no coverage but just a tone to the skin, a tone that in my case is quite a lot darker than the skin.

    I think:
    ♥ A plus for spf 30, always good!
    ♥ An easy way to get a warmer skin tone, and for us who are light, it is a natural and easy way to look a little more tan, but do not forget to wear it on the neck and décolleté also if you use it to become a little browner.
    It is quite tough in texture, I like silky primers that glide on easily or that feel like a wonderful day cream. This one dried a bit when applied. It was smooth anyway but not great to lubricate yourself with if I say so.
    I think it is a fairly small target group who will like that it gives the skin a little color, as it is only available in one shade. On me it became too dark I think.

    The primer costs SEK 159 and contains 30 ml.


    Here you see that the skin tone became quite darker after the primer.

    Summary - I got no wow effect, you who like the principle of getting a little color in the face you will like this, but for those of you who are more looking for the properties, you can find better primers for that money.

    Hugs are ♥

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