IsaDora Twist-Up Eye Gloss Highlighter

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Here is the review IsaDora Twist-Up Eye Gloss Highlighter which I used in today's brown sweeping!

This is how it is described on

IsaDora's lovely Twist-Up Eye Gloss Highlighter gives luster to your eyes! This flexible screw pen slides smoothly on your eyelids, and the glossy eye shadow works both as a highlighter and eye shadow.

By applying several layers of eye shadow, you get a more intense result, and if you choose to apply a little less, you get a softer look. Thanks to shimmering mother-of-pearl, it creates a glossy highlight effect and can easily be tinted with both fingertips or a brush. A soft eye shadow in pen form that is easy to apply, gives a fantastic result and works both for everyday and for parties!

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To be completely honest, I do not understand the thing with the pen from the beginning… Cream eyeshadows are generally super nice and easy to use, but why would a thick pen make it easy? It's so big! Possibly it would have worked better if the shape was pointed instead of round.

I have only tested the shade Vintage Brown and there I can probably say that there are many common brown eye shadows that give an equally fine result. This pen is rich in pigment and super nice, but I can imagine that it is more worth having in light colors, light pink and silver are often more effective in shimmery cream form.

The eye shadow has a reasonably creamy formula that is smooth and lovely, it becomes quite sharp when applied but is relatively easy to fade with a brush so that you get nice and soft toned edges. Mthe chubby pin shape does not make it directly easy to apply on small eyelids, not even on my eyes I access all the way to the corner of the eye, it is not even easy to apply along the lower lash line and it is simply because it is too big .

Results and sustainability:
In other words, you can get a really nice result with this product even though it is not really as easy to use as you think. However, it does not get a good final rating from me as it does not dry after applying it but is still a bit damp, which means that the nice sweeping is like two lines on the eyelids when you have blinked for a while. This despite the fact that I primed with eye shadow primer and a light eye shadow before I applied the cream shadow.

The end result is nice but the pin is too big and the durability is too bad for me to want to use this again. In my opinion, it is definitely not worth SEK 119. 

Any of you who tested? What did you think?

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